Bankruptcy notice against IGP, et al

K Pragalath | August 14, 2012
Lawyer pressures government to pay damages over lock-up death.
KUALA LUMPUR: A notice of bankruptcy has been filed against the Inspector-General of Police, the Selangor police chief and a Bukit Aman police officer over the government’s failure to settle damages ordered by the High Court in a case involving death in police custody.
Lawyer M Manoharan filed the notice on behalf of dependents of R Sundaraju, who died in November 2002 while he was under police remand.
The Kuala Lumpur High Court in October 2010 found the police officials guilty of failing to ensure Sundaraju’s safety and awarded general and special damages amounting to RM200,000 to his mother R Muthammal and brother R Dharmarajan.
The total amount now due, including interest, is RM311,706.85.
Manoharan said he would also apply for leave to execute the judgment on properties of the government.
The government lost its appeal against the assessment of damages last April and against the judgement last June.
“The government has lost all of the legal avenues and it still doesn’t want to pay,” said Manoharan, speaking at his office in Lembah Pantai this afternoon.
“The fruits of judgment has not been enjoyed until today. Attorney General Abdul Gani Patail should ensure that the government pays.”
He said the government’s failure to pay up was tantamount to contempt of court. He also said further delays would increase the burden of interest on taxpayers.
Sundaraju was beaten to death by nine detainees in a cell at the Klang police station, which was then under the control of district police chief A Paramasivam. Paramasivam now serves as an assistant police commissioner at Bukit Aman.
Sundaraju had been remanded after his wife, M Latha, lodged a police report alleging that he had subjected her to domestic violence.
Latha died of cancer two years ago, leaving her only child in the care of Dharmarajan.

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