BN has not kept promises in Sabah

Luke Rintod | August 14, 2012
The BN slogan 'Janji Ditepati' is wasted in Sabah where piped water is still a luxury.
RANAU: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak frequently mentions “Janji Ditepati” these days when he visits the rakyat but his “Promises Honoured” tagline isn’t always true and four kampungs in the Umno-held Keranaan constituency in Sabah can attest to that – they have no water supply!
Recently the villagers staged a peaceful protest of what they called the ruling Barisan Nasional’s unfulfilled promises or “Janji Tak Ditepati”.
And even as Najib shook hands with the people in Bongawan and Kota Kinabalu during his visit last Saturday and declared BN had kept its promises for 50 years, in Ranau some two hours from Kota Kinabalu, villagers said they have never had piped water.
The kampung residents said the only water tank that was available to them and which was used to store water from Mesilau river was now filled with silt and knee-deep mud and rust.
A spokesman for the protesting villagers, Ly J Sya Welliam, said the water tank could no longer store water and many of the 3,000 residents in the four kampungs had always been without clean water.
“We are forced to use rain water… some of us have to buy raw water and bring it home every now and then for our domestic chores. Until when must we wait for clean water supply? It is almost 50 years of independence this month,” he said.
The four kampungs involved in the protest held at Kampung Kibbas roadside here were Paka 1, Koporingan, Purak Ogis and Kibbas.
They held their peaceful sit-in demonstration under the eyes of a group of policemen from the district police station.
They had earlier marched from Kibbas Siba carrying three big banners and various placards that registered both their frustration and queries to the government of the day.
Ineffective assemblyman
Meanwhile, a protester from Kampung Kibbas, John Gilong, 43, claimed various efforts had been made to get Keranaan assemblyman, Masidi Manjun, who is also Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister, to resolve their plight but these had failed so far.
“We urge our assemblyman Masidi to come and resolve our problem of no water supply… we are only a few kilometres from Ranau town but this problem has been going on for years,” he said.
There are about 1,200 registered voters from the areas.
The State Reform Party (STAR) which has made inroads among the rural folk is hoping the general discontent with the pace of development will translate into votes for the opposition in the election.
Its Ranau chief, Jalibin Paidi, who was at the scene with the protesters, said the BN government especially Masidi was obliged to resolve the clean water supply problem to the four kampungs as the area is not without natural raw water supply nearby.
“The least the ruling leaders could do is push for an immediate and long-term solution. The situation right now is unacceptable as these kampungs are near the town and many of the houses are near the main road.
“STAR is sympathetic to their problems and we are trying our best to get their voices and plight heard by the authorities,” he said.

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