Chua’s gone nutty – fears losing all in the GE

If you have been reading the recent statements of the morally tainted MCA president Chua Soi Lek and his equally idiotic son Tee Yong, you will find certain consistencies.
With The Star, which MCA owns and manages directly, Soi Lek will use it to spin lies and inaccuracies against his opponents.
The Star, with many describing it as a toilet paper (can I really blame the critics?), will also give no room for opposing or alternative views. That is consistency No 1.
Tee Yong, who continually flogs the Talam issue in his bid to do a Cowgate on Pakatan Rakyat (PR), is just plain idiotic. Instead, he is only exposing his myopic arguments over an issue which Barisan Nasional (BN) is to blame.
The debts were accumulated over the years by the corrupt BN, which is plundering the nation’s wealth until kingdom come, but Tee Yong does not give the Selangor PR-government any credit for recovering the multi-million-ringgit debts from Talam.
Forget all the technical complexities of accounting as the man on the street is just not interested in the jargons and rhetoric dished out by Tee Yong. They just don’t have the time as they struggle to make ends meet daily.
To the man on the street, it is just a plain case of PR recovering debts for the government, rightly or wrongly, wisely or foolishly, is another story.
This is unlike the BN which go out all the way to protect its greedy cronies. I doubt I need to waste time and space to list out the BN-generated financial scandals that run into billions of ringgit that belong to the people and country. That is consistency No 2.
By the way, Tee Yong even had the audacity to say he does not know whether PR had committed any crime in the Talam debt-recovery exercise, but adds that there is definitely an element of criminal breach of trust.
That is also a crime my dear Tee Yong! What a nut case! Also, if a crime had been committed, do you not think the BN police and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission will not seize the opportunity to act?

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