DESAH is fully charged up and destined to ensure a one-to-one contest in the 13th.General Elections between UMNO/BN and the Opposition in Sabah, Malaysia.

As an organization that has been promoting debates between the respective Political Parties in Sabah, one cannot help but imagine that the Opposition Front in Sabah, must be consolidated, solidified and unified as ONE ENTITY in facing UMNO/BN.
DESAH is now poised to draw up the PEOPLE'S DECLARATION,in an effort to show and help pave the way for the Opposition that the PEOPLE of Sabah not only expects a clean and fair elections,but a contest where the Opposition will declare to the PEOPLE their solidarity.
DESAH as well as our COALITION of NGO'S in Sabah have join forces in ensuring that the voice of the PEOPLE be heard loud and clear.
We are taking measures and forward steps in inviting the PEOPLE to sign our online petition which would be handed personally to the respective political leaders, for their endorsements.
Please assist DESAH in promoting,sharing,forwarding,distributing and signing our online petition with all your friends and your friends friends.We call upon all Malaysians wherever you maybe to support DESAH's cause.
This online petition was created with DESAH's full support by ATAMA KATAMA. Thank you. Click this LINKto sign petition. - Sabahkini

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government