Hindraf will not go into politics, says Waytha

Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy - who just returned from overseas exile - has continued to dismiss speculation that he would follow in the footstep of his elder brother into the world of politics.
His elder sibling - former ISA detainee and vocal Hindu rights lawyerP Uthayakumar - is the pro-tem secretary-general of Hindraf's political vehicle - the Human Rights Party.

When asked if there is any chance of him becoming a candidate - perhaps under an independent ticket - since the 13th general election is around the corner, Waythamoorthy expressed a firm 'no'.
"Why should I? I am happy as I am, with my work. I have a good team. I do not want to be dragged into that arena," Waythamoorthy told Malaysiakini when met after his talk at a Hindraf event to welcome him home from exile.
His statement elicited a round of applause from supporters who accompanied him down the stage after he gave a rousing talk to about 500 supporters at Perkampungan Juru in Penang last night.
On Hindraf's role in the coming polls, Waythamoorthy said it would depend on what Pakatan Rakyat wants from the movement.

He did not elaborate but when asked to clarify Hindraf's political support - whether it is towards BN or Pakatan, Waythamoorthy asked crisply "since when (did) we support Barisan?"
"I just spoke about Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 'nambikei'(hope). It's been 50 years, the Indians were given hope by the British (colonisers) and now the BN government wants to do the same," he said.

"Najib must be joking. Enough of hope, after 50 years. Now we want to know what they can do to resolve the issues of the Indian poor," he added.
Hindraf supporters gave Waythamoorthy a hero's welcome when he arrived at the multi-purpose hall at about 8.30pm, where he was greeted with a Tamil solidarity number and waves of orange flags.
Hindraf to take things step-by-step
The Hindraf leader, who was on a four-year exile in the United Kingdom - which he said had been forced on him by the government - is on a national roadshow to update his supporters about the movement's future plans.

The event, which went on for about two hours and was also attended by Hindraf's national adviser N. Ganesan, went unhindered although a group of policemen stood watch outside the hall.
When asked what is his next course of action, now that he has ended his exile from April 2008 until Aug 1, Waythamoorthy said, "We have to take things step by step".
"A lot of people are anxious, because elections are coming, I understand. But we are fighting for human rights and for those who are voiceless people, especially the Malaysian Indians," he said.
"We want the government to tell us how they want to resolve the problems of the Indian poor," he added.


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