If BN were to win the 13th general election due to 'instant Malaysians', then the whole general election is a fraud.

This write-up came about due to a request from this columnist’s friends, a Malaysian couple who own and operate a foodstall near the Kota Raya area in Kuala Lumpur.
This elderly Malaysian couple requested this columnist to highlight their difficulties in dealing with the foreigners in tandem with the problem of unskilled foreigners obtaining fast-tracked citizenship, which they have termed as the “greatest Malaysian problem” which BN has failed to solve since the beginning of time.
In Sabah, a Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) has been set up to look into this problem but it is too little too late.
Currently this issue of unskilled foreigners being given fast-tracked citizenship has come to our shores in the Peninsula. Of course, there are no official figures on how many have obtained this type of citizenship but for sure it is not just a few thousands.
The real figure could be too overwhelming to be revealed. By the way, the official number of foreign workers is 2.3 million. And there are also many who may have smuggled in their spouses and children.
These unskilled foreigners have set up squatter colonies all over the country and the most acute problem is of course in Selangor. This terrible malaise is the brainchild of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak who, in his desperation to win the 13th general election at all cost, has allowed unskilled foreigners to take up Malaysian citizenship so that they can also participate in the electoral process.
“BN yang wujudkan masalah warga asing ini,” remarked the elderly couple which is translated into English as “BN are the ones who created this foreigner problem”.
If the Barisan Nasional (BN) were to win the 13th general election due to these instant Malaysians, then the whole general election is a fraud.
And even if Pakatan Rakyat were to win amidst this fraud, what can Pakatan do to solve this foreigners-citizenship problem?
These foreign workers tax our healthcare system and our nation’s resources. This columnist has seen them wasting water without a care in the world as a group of them are staying in one of the houses in the neighbourhood and they take their baths in the front yard.
Neighbours have grumbled that the presence of these foreign workers will reduce the prices of property in the neighbourhood – a common complaint of those who intend to resell their homes.
There is certainly no way the BN federal government will revoke their citizenship. What happens when they become unemployed? Won’t they resort to crime?
Even our police force will be unable to cope with the situation. We are in dire straits as too many unemployed foreigners are a social menace and yet the government intends to take in more Bangladeshi workers.

A nation of foreign workers
The elderly couple has mentioned that we Malaysians “mesti ambil balik negara kita dari warga asing ini yang nampaknya seperti sudah menjadi kuasa penjajah yang baru”.
This Malaysian couple is advocating us to reclaim our nation from these foreigners who seem as if they have become the new colonial power. If we do not act now by voting wisely, it will be too late as Malaysia seems to be a nation of foreign workers.
This couple also mentioned to this columnist that sometimes these foreigners buy food without paying. They would pretend to look into their wallet and then say they have not enough cash at hand while, at the same time, giving the excuse that they will pay the next day and that is that.
Giving away the nation’s rights via fast-tracked citizenship to the foreign workers is simply a case of selling out. Those who can think of such a thing are the real traitors of the nation, remarked the husband.
This elderly couple opined that even if Pakatan were to win the general election, Pakatan would also find it difficult to solve this problem. But the big difference is that Pakatan will do something about it unlike BN which will do nothing.
Even now, if one were to frequent the area around Central Market and Kota Raya in KL during national holidays, one can see that the place has been transformed into a foreign-worker haven.
Their shops and remittance houses line the streets. Some of the foreign workers can even be seen wearing 1Malaysia T-shirts. Maybe their Malaysian friends are kind enough to give these T-shirts to them?
“What the incumbent federal government has done is to execute a move called ‘Double Jeopardy’ on the rakyat. The first is when foreign workers are given MyKad and the second is when the names of these fake Malaysians are also inserted into the voter rolls.
“The federal government has thus put the rakyat’s safety and welfare in jeopardy not once but twice as the fake Malaysians will now be able to vote and determine the future of the nation,” commented Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Kuala Selangor PAS MP.
Moreover, taxi-driver licences and stall-trading permits are also given to these fake Malaysians thereby enabling them to also challenge our own citizens in terms of getting a cut on the economic pie.
A Pakatan MP, who requested to remain anonymous, has mentioned that if Pakatan wins the 13th general election, the fast-tracked citizenship of those foreigners who have been in Malaysia for less than two years will be revoked.
“I dread to think what will happen if large numbers of foreign workers were to become jobless. Pakatan already has a plan to do something about this but this can only happen if we form the federal government,” added Dzulkefly.
Riots have also happened in foreign worker detention centres and some of them have escaped. One such instance was in March last year when more than 100 detainees in a detention centre in Negeri Sembilan have escaped. Luckily all of them have been caught but just imagine the time wasted by the enforcement authorities to handle this situation.
Up till now, the BN federal government has remained silent on this foreign menace leaving us, the rakyat, to suffer the consequences.
We must therefore let our voices be heard through the ballot box and hopefully it will not be too late.

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