IGP trying to help out PM Najib Razak by avoiding another negative publicity to Najib and Umno.

Janji Bersih gathering: Back off, IGP
10:37AM Aug 12, 2012  
VOXPOP 'You said nothing when BN tried to use their own tagline for the Merdeka celebrations. That's politics for you.'

IGP: Don't colour Merdeka eve with Bersih agenda

vox populi small thumbnailMushiro: Is the IGP (inspector-general of police) so biased and clouded by his very pro-Umno stand that he cannot see the sincere desire of Bersih to express their frustrations peacefully.

Why should the IGP assume that there will be trouble? Or is the IGP trying to help out PM Najib Razak by avoiding another negative publicity to Najib and Umno. This is none of the IGP's business.

Anomnim: Well, IGP Ismail Omar, you said nothing when BN tried to use their own tagline for the Merdeka celebrations. That's politics for you. You showed us your competence and fairness all in one go.

Onyourtoes: Bersih is for all Malaysians. After 55 years, it is about time we redeem our right and freedom to choose a government truly based on our choice.

We don't even have to wear yellow; we shall see who can attract a bigger crowd - those at Dataran Merdeka or those at the fringe near the fountain to north of Dataran.

This is the only power the people have, so IGP, I urge you to do the right thing - don't interfere.

Anonymous #62163581: National laureate Pak Samad reading peotry to a sea of yellow-shirted supporters gathering around a fountain is about the people celebrating Merdeka Day and their right to free and fair elections.

If you truly care for a trouble-free time, make sure there aren't any tag-less police officers around to provoke and spoil the show. And if BN stops sending in the goons, it will earn them sorely needed brownie points for the GE13.

Quigonbond: IGP, stick to the law. Can they or can they not do what they want to do, which is just to wear yellow and stand together near the fountain? If they can do it, stop making political statements and just do your job of protecting the peace on that night.

I should expect you not to prevent anyone from standing near the fountain, nor anyone just because they wear yellow. Otherwise, you're just slapping yourselves on the collective faces.

Sang Bima: I think first and foremost, the IGP must advice that idiot of a minister to change the theme, then you can tell Bersih not to politicise Merdeka.

Come to think of it, what better day to show our grouses to the regime? Is not Bersih is also about liberating ourselves from the oppression of the post-colonial regime that was suppose to liberate us, but in reality dominate us just like the colonial power?

Starr: The IGP warns against colouring Merdeka with Bersih agenda, but it's precisely the reason why Merdeka should be coloured 'yellow' as Bersih stands for what's Merdeka all about.

It symbolises freedom, fairness, justice, clean elections and the rule of law.

Kolopilah: It would be very educational to see water cannons, barricades, barb wires, gas canister guns, chemical-laced water, tagless young, mindless and mad police officers together with wide TV monitors, displays, pompoms, party apparels, bands, the countdown and last but least, the sound of the ringing bells from the clock tower.

This Merdeka is going be fantastic. Let's celebrate.

AnakBangsaMalaysia: I'll be there - in yellow.

Ex-CID chief: PAS-DAP link soothes ethnic tensions

Caesar's Wife: I have been to many ceramahs where not only the leaders of PAS and DAP sit and speak side by side, but where supporters from both parties mingle and cheer what their leaders have to say.

At MCA and Umno rallies, the leaders address monoracial crowds, saying different things to different audiences.

As former Criminal Investigation Department (CID) chief Fauzi Shaari points out, the cooperation between PAS and DAP has opened a new era of trust and understanding. May this lead to better things at Putrajaya.

Anonymous_3e21: It's only the dumb and the dumber who cannot see the real picture here. The reason Umno has been able to be in power for so long is that it uses scare tactics and plays the divide-and-rule game, and most Malaysians took the bait.

What Fauzi is saying is a nightmare scenario for Umno, as when the DAP and PAS can sit together, Umno is finished.

Sodom Me Sodom You: The formula of a secular state with Islam as its official religion is one that will work for every Malaysian.

I really feel this hudud issue is being played past its death and we as a society should move on. Peace, harmony and understanding are the cornerstone of a united society.

Mohd: Good and honest views from Fauzi. That's the problem that we have in Malaysia. If we say things honestly and frankly, we will be called a lot of names and accusations. It's tough being an honest and frank Malaysian nowadays.

Anonymous_rb345: Yes, we should look ourselves as Malaysians and not according to our races. Together we should unite and throw BN out for causing disunity among us in the past 55 years.

We should not be suspicious of one another. We should continue to build this nation of ours and vote BN out. They are the source of our problems today.

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