Mahathir’s Racism, hate, discrimination… defined and dangerous kick out Mahathirism

Mahathir, I saw fear on your face as PR is getting closer to capture Putrajaya..Dont worry you will face a fair investigation of what you have done when you were in power.
The mahaguru of spinning is talking nonsense again. Still remember ” It look like me and sound like me but not me” and ‘saya sudah tak ingat”?. Lingam must be laughing his heart out if he is reading this. So, if anwar is bad, he is good?. What a joke. It is better for him to just keep quiet rather than keep on making a fool of himself.You appear to be a first class fortune teller. What you need now is a trained parrot in a cage and a few cards, since you have indian blood in you, you will have a natural flair for the job and it will be a good campaign for the opposition. 
The more you talk the more they gain be cause the rakyat , most of them including Malays , are sick and tired of what is coming out of your bloody mouth and hate you. so better shut up. You bloody mamakuty, why can’t you just keep your bad mouth shut? You mother of all racists, will you ever endorse a non muslim to be the PM of Malaysia?
The minute you open your foul mouth and talk bad about people, you create a lot of animosity among all races and disharmony among all Malaysians! Why are you so bad hearted and like to curse and bad mouthed people. Why why why? I just can’t understand? You are already so old why can’t you change and be a kind person? Didn’t your religion teach you so to be good hearted? Mahathir has this inherent ability to state the opposite with a straight face. The party making promises (janji ditepati?) is UMNO-BN. Mahathir was the pioneer of wasteful public spending and Najib takes the Gold medal for this. Country will go bankrupt under PR? It is already there thanks to you folks in UMNO for the last 55 years. 
Just tabulate all the public funds given to cronies with useless projects and on the pretext of privatisation and see what could have been saved.have now decided to vote the opposition for the comments you made. Infactme entire family and friends have decided to vote for Pakatan. Once again please continue to discredit the opposition You are doing a great jobUmno-BN is really desperate. The more desperate they get, the more mistakes they make. Getting Mahathir to speak up for Umno-BN is a huge mistake. They can make an even bigger one if they keep this up – feature Mahathir side-by-side with Najib. Now there will be 2 bricks smashing into their faces as the Komuter passes.
 I would be a much happier person if the country goes bankrupt because the money went to the rakyat. As it is now the country is already on the verge of bankruptcy because the money went to people like yourselves…Mariam Mokhtar said:The solution is simple: arrest former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for alleged crimes against the Malaysian nation and for abuse of power.
 Yet another spurt of loose stool from the mouth of Robert Mugabe of Malaysia.GE13 is not about choosing a good party but is to get rid of the bad one who has been looting, cheating,squandering with impunity the Rakyat money.Mahathir, give back the billions that you have stolen from us!”Arresting Mahathir would be in the public interest and Najib should take this risk.”…. It will never happen bcos Najib is as tainted as TDM as both have their own criminal ways of accumulating wealth. 
If Pakatan were elected to Putrajaya at GE13, who knows, the rakyat may want these two devils and all their robber cronies put on trial for having brought Malaysia down to her knees.This one takes the cake, using Obama as an example as he has not finished one term yet. What a bloody shame for even naming Obama. When Al Gore openly supported the reformasi movement, Mahathir could only whine. From the back stage he acts like a gladiator. To be in this old fox’s honorary league, you got to glue your arse to the president/PM’S seat just as Mubarak, Gaddafi ,Ben Ali, Suharto, Marcos etc. did. What an ‘elite’ squad of leaders.Tun Venom has spewed again fearful that his cleverly disguised ill-gotten gains will be uncovered for all to see. 
If Anwar is Obama (that surely is a compliment), Tun is the modern-day Hitler.Dr Mahathir never fails to insult the intelligence of the people in his 22 years (1981-2003) as PM. He continues to do so now despite having retired for nearly 10 years. Even a schoolboy can tell him that we have had enough of the devil for more than 50 years and we do not fear the unknown. So why should we the people condemn ourselves for next 50 years because he tells us that the known devil (BN) is better than the unknown angel (PR)? Maybe we should excuse Dr Mahathir as he is already SENILE and cannot tell a devil from an angel you are scaring the people with your evil intentions boiling up your brains …. loosing GE13 is also loosing yourself via your son Mukriz. we will give PKR five years and see what it can do to change the political climate. in the past you asked for 5 years on your education policy and now we are flooded with half-pass six graduates that cannot find a job here, not to mention overseas! your ‘SCARE POLICIES’ are like pasar malam tactics — if you dont buy now, the price will go up! this is nonsense. you have taken the rakyat for a ride by sweet talking and meandering the policies to suit your whim and fancies “The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies. 
All that the people need to do is to urge the BN to carry out whatever change the people desire.” Better to kick out the Devil we know…then we can slowly figure out if the replacement is more – or less – of the old Devil. And if it is more like the old Devil, then we kick it out too, and keep changing until we get the Devil we can live with. The current Devil is not someone or something we can live with.We voted in the same party for more than 50 years, and they brought deterioration and near ruin. Another 5 years of hidden abuses with the devil? More ruin can be expected. Lynas will be spewing its radiation by then, and other polluting industries will be discharginging out their poison and pollutants, indiscriminately and everywhere. 
This devil still has no clue that it is because of racists like him that people are prepared to take the plunge and make that change come what may!Befriending the devil for 50+years and what do we get in return?Massive corruption,institutionalised racism and worst of all,a half-past-six(MM’s exact words)scandal-ridden government that’s running the country to a halt!His fear of BN not being able to make a comeback if PR wins is unfounded because if BN can change and do a better job,why not?What he’s more concerned about is his ‘legacy’ destroyed and worse,facing prosecution!The fact is if BN had govern the country well,they have nothing to fear.But the incumbents are increasingly seen to be suffering from acute paranoia of losing power,resorting to extreme measures using race and religion and the ’69 race riots to frighten people into giving them continued support.Hopefully some good will come from all this.A change in government will be a good start.
Malaysians are good-hearted, but not crazy, you know. We have been taxed heavily, via the many rent-seeking projects, IPP’s, IWK, Syabas, highways. We take almost half a life time to pay for our car mortgages because of AP’s and excessive car excise duties. We are subjected to the evidence act and all kinds of repressive laws, ISA, OSA, PPPA, EO, EA. Our national debt is almost 400 billion and capital flight is in the region of 900 billion. The buying power of the ringgit is depreciating gradually. We misplaced our trusted in the past, but not again.Dr M comment is strongly referencing to himself. Why is he shouting for things that he himself did it?
“Five years to give (PR) a trial as government is dangerous” but I personally think 55 years under BN already enough to kill the nation. For me, try new govt for the next 5 years is better than sticking to the old govt that is losing and sucking money.

“Nepotism and cronyism will be employed as indeed they are in the party he now heads,”….isn’t it nepotism and cronyism is flourished under Dr M time?

“Already we see this person who claims to fight for free speech suing and resorting to the courts to shut the mouth of his critics.”…like your guys said, free speech doesn’t come with the rights of slandering. Free speech is about freedom to express one opinion and idea, not about giving out false information while hiding the truth to protect one selfish interest. Free speech is also not about bad mouthing and slandering. Free speech is definitely not about hate speech, like what all the UMNO and their cybertroopers doing. Free speech like what Dr M doing with his blog, write about what he thinks and want to express.
“The BN has listened to the people and has changed many laws and policies.” Yes, indeed BN has listened to the people, do they have a choice not to listen to the people? The trouble is after listening, are they follow what the people want? Many law and policies are changed but not for the people but to the benefit of the ruling party. Whatever Dr M comment have its own flawed.

 I remember no long ago he criticised the government for giving in too much to the people’s demand (although we didn’t see much but rather many cosmetic and feel good changes), now he seems to be asking the people to demand more changes but keep the current regime. This is a sign of umno/bn desperations. Which means we have a good chance of getting rid of those devils that is bankrupting the nation.  you are absolutely right when you say that “five years to give PR a trial as government is dangerous”. Yes, very dangerous for UMNO/BN because even within a year of a new government all the secrets that UMNO has been hiding for the past 55 years will be exposed. That’s the truth and that’s the real fear. Anyway why give so many comments? The more comments he gets the more he thinks he is still popular. Umno is collapsing fast! Mahathir has ran out off bullets and now pleading with the Raykay to vote umno… Why umno won’t be the angel given 50 years of ruling? To vote for ‘Better the devil you know’ UMNO is like committing suicide.
Why should right-thinking Malaysians do that?

The future of our children & grand children is at stake.

Give them that bright future while we can as we have a choice to make.

Vote wisely.. Judging the BN government now, i am willing to give PR a chance to become government.

Based on past record all the opposition states are building up and we can see light in cold dark room. Rakyat knew its Angel well. Tun actually referring himself and BN as devil and hardly accept an angel.It needed a top diplomat to point us towards ourselves when we think ‘racism’, which I will use here interchangeably with ‘discrimination’.

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