Malaysians must decide whether they want a good government or a lying government

The oft repeated lies by leaders of the present government have reached their tipping point, boiling point, smoke point or whatever one wishes to term it. The biggest lie is this country will descend into anarchy if a new government takes over. Leaders of the present government must be taking us as fools or we are regarded as being born yesterday. Moreover, they must be suffering from an overblown case of inflated sense of importance. UMNO/BN is not indispensable. Najib is not indispensable.

Of course everyone in Malaysia is committed to the idea of changing the government through the vote. No one tolerates any other idea of effecting change other than voting. This is a democratic practice. All of us chose Malaysia to be governed by a good government. Mahathir must be hallucinating now when he says better the devil we know that the angel we don’t know? We know the devil and his devilish ways and we still want to choose him? Have we lost our marbles?

We chose to kick out the devil. And it’s farcical for Dr Mahathir to endorse voting when in UMNO he extinguishes the flame of democracy. During his rule, he started the anti-voting measures to ensure the UMNO president and Deputy President to be almost unchallengeable with bonus votes and all that.

Why must it be so? Why should we even believe that if UMNO/BN falls, this country will descend into widespread chaos? It will be so, only if people do not obey laws anymore. It will if the structures of government crumble.

If UMNO/BN loses, it’s not that the structures of government will disintegrate will they? The civil service will still be around. We are not firing civil servants although there are 1.4 million of them. They will still perform their respective functions. We are not going to close down the land and district office. Post office. Fire stations. Etc. we want to replace only a few scoundrels. Just a scratch. Not even a flesh wound. Maybe we want to replace the chief secretary so that he can join UMNO or Kimma. We want to replace the chairman and president of PETRONAS. Maybe we want to close down MAS and create a MAS-2. Of course we want to replace the CEO of Khazanah. With the exit of these few people, the 1.4 million civil servants are not going to lay down tools, are they?

The police and enforcement agencies will still remain and will still be responsible for the internal security and safety of our citizens. The judiciary will still be there though we would like to replace the rotten apples. Perhaps we want to replace the AG. The military establishment will still be there guarding our nation from external aggression.

Meaning- all the structures of government are still going to be around, their existence isn’t dependent on UMNO/BN’s. What is there to worry then? Only UMNO/BN isn’t there. The rest will still be intact looking out for the country and its people.

And here is a special note to the Malays and Bumiputeras. Their interests are not necessarily looked out best by UMNO alone. As long as Malays are articulate and as long as there are laws that govern our existence and regulate the conduct between persons, it is we who look out for our interest. Why must we depend on UMNO? Malays formed 61% of our 28 million population. Only 1 in 6 Malays is an UMNO member. There are more of us and less of them. Do they have even the capacity to look out for us? The last time I heard, even the quality of the UMNO people is being assailed by non-other than DR Mahathir. UMNO is rotten to the core and consists of half-past six fellows. UMNO says Dr Mahathir, is corrupt from the bottom to the very top!
How can the fate of this country be made to depend on mediocrity?

Many of you have read Michael Porter’s Competitivebook series. One of the things he mentioned is we can determine the highest quality of our services and products, by demanding and insisting them to be so. Similarly it is with government. We the people must demand and insist it to be of the highest quality. We translate the forceful demand in the form of our votes.

Vote in good people to get a good government.

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