. MIC has become just a show piece without any power to decide on the Indian community.

MIC’s subservient and self sentered support for UMNO has eroded the basic human rights of Malaysian Indians....Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S.K. Devamany supported the proposed race Relations act by referring to incidences such as the Kampung Jawa temple demolition and the Interlok novel controversies which have been could have been avoided. He further added we must understand that Malaysia is a multiracial country and we want to preserve unity in main stream newspapers. The examples Devamany gave seem to be puzzling. Is the Race Relations act just to avoid minorities and victims from voicing their grievances?

Race Relation Act is needed to eliminate racial discrimination in public and private sector employment, entrance to university and matriculation levels, open tender in government procurements and providing equal opportunities in employment. At the same time, the government needs to set up a Race Relation Commission which is made up of all races in Malaysia. This act will also outline the mechanics and methodology in implementing the Race Relation Act.

Instead of giving the above mentioned reasons for supporting Race Relations Act, Devemany is giving the examples of Kampong Jawa temple breaking and interlok novel as reasons why Malaysia needs a race relations act. The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, along with the squatter settlement of Rimba Jaya, was demolished in 2007 by the then BN-led state government as part of its Zero Squatter programme. The kampong Jawa temple breaking in November 2007, infuriated the Indian community to revolt against the BN government which lead to the loss of 5 states to PR and the denial of 2/3 majority in parliament. The introduction of interlok novel upsets and irked Malaysian Indian parents who persistently campaigned against the novel till the government withdrew as school text book.

Before introduction Race Relations act the government must remove all discriminative policies and practices. All race based political parties must be disbanded. All higher education institutions for exclusively one race must be converted into multi racial institutions where students of different backgrounds meet and mingle with each other. Without preparing the ground for such open and inclusive interactions amongst all Malaysians, race relation act will be another peaceful assembly act.

From the incidences referred by Datuk Devemany, as reasons for introducing race relations act, the intent and purpose of Malaysian race relations act looks sinister and restrict Malaysian human rights and not to provide equal rights. With MIC henchmen like devemany around UMNO will wipe out what ever little space the minorities have. Malaysian Indians must resolve to wipe out MIC from the political scene once and for all to redeem their dignity and pride as citizens of this country.

PM Najib Has Split and divided the Indians

Malaysian Indians were the loyal supporters of MIC/BN with high hope of being uplifted from their socio economic quagmire due to the induction of NEP. The New economic policy introduced in 1971 had deliberately blocked and hindered the progress of Malaysian Indians. To overcome the effect of NEP blockage MIC ventured into setting up their own educational institutions like Tafe, AIMST etc and set up their companies like MAIKA holdings. MIC went to the Indian community for financial support to set up these institutions. The poor community in good faith gave them whatever they had. But MIC cheated, betrayed and let down the community which became poorer. But MIC continued to give hope without any results. Finally in March 2008 the community dumped MIC.

Having lost all respect and faith of Indian community, MIC lost the confidence and trust of UMNO. To UMNO, MIC can no more deliver Indian votes. After the 2008 election results the Prime Minister Datuk seri Najib tun Razak took it upon himself to win the Indian votes. In fact he is the defacto leader of Indian community. The prime minister in his personnel capacity reached out to the various groups like the sikhs, Malayalees, Telegus, temple of fine arts (TFA), divine life soceity (DLS) etc and MIC just prod along to show that they still matter. He gave handouts directly from his office.

The prime minister has recruited a personal assistant for Indian affairs who report directly to him. MIC leaders now have to go through him to reach the prime minister. MIC has become just a show piece without any power to decide on the Indian community. Besides the Prime minister has created other Indian bases to work along BN like the chamber of Indian traders, Makkal sakti group, Anwar discard Nallakaruppan, PPP, IPF, new party called justice party etc. MIC has become irrelevant to the Indian cause and their local leaders at district level are remnants of samy velu era. They are just runners of UMNO warlords.

The prime minister has successfully split and divided the Indian community so much so that they have no say at all in BN. He guards UMNO and Malays from getting divided and no new Malay based party is admitted into BN. But for Indians more groups are welcomed and he will give the party leaders cash handout generously. As in the past the biggest problem of Indians in this racially segregated country is political leadership. The Tamil political leadership has failed to lead the masses. A few trusted leaders have let down the community in the past. Now we have trust deficit on Indian leadership by the Indian community in Malaysia. BN is struggling to redeem its relevance to the current political expectations of Malays and Chinese. Can the Indian community come up with their assessment of the political development and their position? Can we as a community send a message to the national leaders?

The vacuum and opportunities has made many unworthy candidates vying to fill in the leadership position. Unless the educated and dedicated Indians come forward we may be worse off in the changing political landscape in Malaysia. Our future is in our hand. Can we stand up and be counted?

UMNO insults and degrades non Malays but no qualm robbing them their share

UMNO the dominant party of BN has long treated the non Malays and non Muslims as second class citizen. With the mass influx of Muslim foreign workers the non Malays and non Muslims even rank after them further down. This is the political structure which Malaysians don’t talk in the open but everybody knows and lives and moves about accordingly without upsetting each other. That is the strength or weakness of Malaysians. The UMNO politician may not say it himself but when others say so he will be indifferent or silently encourage it. They implemented racist policies and practices all the way right from 1970 in the name of equality and fairness. They deprived the non Malays and non Muslims their fair share of their own sweat and blood. That nefarious and hypocritical are UMNO politicians when dealing with rights of non Malays and non Muslims.

UMNO leaders have introduced policies and procedures that will knock off the non Malays and non Muslims from scholarships, university enrolment, government employment, procurements and contracts from eligibility to compete and bid. This blatant blockage has reduced and eliminated the participation of non Malays and non Muslims in civil service, uniformed service, providing services to government and its agencies. The non Malays and non Muslims were reduced to the periphery in education and medical services.

But all these racial policies have reduced and restricted Malaysian competitiveness, efficiency and integrity. Malaysian economy is heading nowhere despite all the transformational programs. These preferential state ethnic policies have stifled the quality of reasoned and informed decisions and thinking in the government decision making bodies. Recruitment and promotion is race based and not meritocracy. As a consequence of these racial policies many Malays themselves have grown despondent and start distancing from UMNO.

The educated and informed Malays could see the duplicity and self enriching actions of UMNO leadership. Majority of Malays are still vulnerable and affected by the economic uncertainties and very dependent on government aid. But a small section of elite UMNOPUTRAS have enriched themselves at the expense of state coffers. The vast majority of Malays poor are hoodwinked and bribed in the name of race and religion to support these few elite UMNOPUTRAS. UMNO is fighting tooth and nail to keep these Malay poor in good humor by giving goodies and cash. When the competition for the Malay heartland is intense the role of non Malays and non Muslims will decide which way Malaysian politics will go.

The non Malays especially Indians must believe that their one vote counts and makes a difference. The minorities are the king makers. They must be registered as voters first and vote during general elections. Indians must discard the thinking that whether Rama rules or Ravana rules, nothing going to change. There is difference in Rama’s and Ravana’s rule. Our future is in our hand and not in the UMNOPUTRAS hand. Make hay when the sun shines. Sail when the wind blows. This is the moment. Let’s not miss it and blame everybody else except ourselves. It’s now or never.

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government