M’sian frogs, transparency, accountability and credibility

Once upon a time, a frog was kissed and it turned into a handsome prince. Now, that rings a bell on a tale, doesn’t it?

Today, Malaysia is infamous for breeding frogs of certain kinds – politicians and so-called non-governmental organisation (NGOs) “leaders”.

Recently, we even had a prince who turned out to be a frog.
The prince was a NGO “leader” who championed for civil rights, transparency and the fight against anti-corruption.

After attaining recognition, the prince ventured into politics and joined a political party in the Pakatan Rakyat (PR).

Soon after, all was not well and this prince of frogs quit on the PR and started hurling all kinds of allegations and accusations against the PR.

Suddenly, to this prince of frogs, PR is to be blamed for all the ills in the country.
He forgets the Cowgates and the scandalous gates opened by the Barisan Nasional (BN), especially Umno, which are plundering the country’s wealth.
Need I even tell you who I am referring to in this Malaysian tale of frogs?

What is clear, to Malaysians who have stopped giving blind support to BN after 55 years of Merdeka, such frogs have no credibility because they say one thing when they are in the BN and another when in the PR. They can even return to either when the situation suits their political agenda.

There are also a third kind who claim to be a third force – those who quit BN or PR and announce they are “friendly”! Friendly to whom? I believe it is $$$. These are jokers who have no backbones.

So, how much value do Malaysians in general give to transparency, accountability and credibility? The answer will be reflected in their choice when they cast their ballots in the next general election which must be called latest next June.

To me, I support 1Malaysia. But 1Malaysia is certainly not exclusive to BN or worse still, the fork-tongue Umno! It belongs to all Malaysians who genuinely want to continue to live in harmony and see Malaysia prosper.

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