PAS should sack Nasha

K Pragalath | August 18, 2012
DAP's Ramakrishnan claims PAS' Nasharuddin Mat Isa is a trojan horse and his 'heart is with Umno but his body is in PAS'.
PETALING JAYA: Senator S Ramakrishnan of DAP has accused Bachok MP Nasharuddin Md Isa of being a trojan horse within the Pakatan Rakyat coalition.
“His heart is in Umno but his body is in PAS. You cannot keep the heart and body separated for too long,” said Ramakrishnan in response to statements by Nasharuddin, who was PAS deputy president between 2005 and 2011.
On Thursday, Nasharuddin accused DAP’s national chairman Karpal Singh of being  anti-Islam for opposing the implementation of Islamic penal law hudud and the formation of an Islamic state.
“I maintain that Karpal is not anti-hudud but anti-Islam. As an experienced lawyer he knows what is substantive law and procedural law.
“Conviction in hudud requires evidential proof without any shadow of doubt but he rejects all this because it is an Islamic law,” Nasharuddin said shortly after returning from Mecca.
Nasharuddin who maintained that he is with PAS also criticised the party leadership for being silent over Karpal’s stand.
This prompted Karpal to file a suit against Nasharuddin yesterday.
Ramakrishnan also said that the Bachok MP is all out to create damage for PAS.
“He is out to create maximum damage for PAS by playing the same game as (former Selangor PAS commissioner) Hasan Ali,” said Ramakrishnan.
Hasan, who was sacked from PAS in January for going against party policies, claimed that he was championing Islam.
Elaborating on this point, Ramakrishnan said Nasharuddin is also playing the ‘Islam vs infidel (DAP)’ card.
“PAS should sack him for playing Umno’s game but they are careful because he is an ulama and sacking him would have political implications,” he said.
Meanwhile in a related development, PAS deputy president Mohamad Sabu said no action has been taken against Nasharuddin.
“This is a normal matter. It will be discussed in our regular meetings,” he said.
The current PAS number two leader also denied a Malaysiakini report that stated Nasharuddin has been dropped as a candidate.
“The candidates have not been finalised. We don’t even know when the elections will be called.
“As a deputy president I would know if a decision (to drop Nasharuddin) was made,” said the PAS leader.

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