Promise of democracy rally at Dataran Merdeka

Patrick Lee | August 24, 2012
A gathering themed after the Bersih movement will take place at Dataran Merdeka on Aug 30.
KUALA LUMPUR: A group styled after the Bersih electoral movement will take to Dataran Merdeka on the eve of Independence Day in a demand for greater democratic reforms.
Calling themselves the Coalition of Promises, the group claims that the government has failed in its role as a democratic administration.
They demand that Putrajaya uphold the Federal Constitution, allow for greater reforms and for a free and fair electoral process to take place.
“We want the government to fulfill these demands,” said the group’s spokesman, Hishammuddin Rais, adding that the federal government had done little to effect polls reforms.
Terming the Aug 30 event as the “Promise of Democracy”, he called for those coming to the square to don yellow.
The event, he added, would take place at the water fountain by Merdeka Square from 10pm to 12am.
He stressed that the event will be nothing like previous rallies, adding that organisers would not allow for banners, placards or slogans to be used that day.
“We will be together…in yellow…[national laureate] A Samad Said will read a poem…that’s all,” he said.
Similar events, he said, would also take place in Malacca, Johor and Perak.
Asked if they would keep on wearing yellow until Merdeka Day, Hishammuddin said: “You’re most welcome [to do so]. They can wear [yellow] on the 31st. Thank you for whoever does that.”

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