Signs are clear Pakatan will sweep Putrajaya, even Dr 'Devil' Mahathir can feel it

Signs are clear Pakatan will sweep Putrajaya, even Dr 'Devil' Mahathir can feel it
Former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has shot himself in the foot, yet again, as he makes a pathetic self-serving plea to return the ruling Umno and its running dog Barisan Nasional (BN) for yet another term after being in power an unprecedented 55 years.
These shameless creatures have finally admitted, through Mahathir the Chief Devil himself, that they in fact don’t have a political ideology. A political party which has no ideology has no business being in politics.
In fact, Umno has a “political ideology” of sorts but not worth speaking about in public: jealously of the Chinese in business. This is the philosophy driving Malay nationalism, a concept which was first created by Malayalee Muslims – think Mahathir – from Kerala, India in Singapore during the British Raj. Refer to “Origins of Malay Nationalism” by Professor William Roff of the Australian National University.
MCA and MIC, which have no political ideologies either, inherited the role of the British during the colonial period: protect the ruling elite from themselves in order to protect their (Indian and Chinese elite’s and British colonial) interests.
It was British Resident-General Sir Frank Swettenham which came up with the “protection” philosophy: “He (the Malay elite) is an arrogant creature who would not hesitate to harm you although by doing so he would in fact suffer even more harm in the process. We need to protect him from his stupidity (protect him from himself).”
God Forbid that Umno-BN be returned to power again
If Umno is returned to power yet again, God Forbid!, despite having no political ideology worth speaking about in public, it means yet another five years for the ruling elite to raid the Public Treasury – ostensibly to increase the number of Umno millionaires to rival the Chinese --  in reality to live it up at the expense of the people.
They can fool some of the people some of the time. They can’t fool all the people all the time.
Umno-BN has clearly outstayed its welcome as any party or coalition in power more than two to three terms violates one of the fundamental rules of checks-and-balances in a democratic system.
The people need to get Umno/BN out so that the incoming Federal Administration, helmed by the parties now in the Opposition, can conduct an audit and due diligence of Umno/BN’s 55 years in power. The audit/due diligence must not be mistaken as a witch-hunt or a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It’s about seeking justice for the people.
Such an audit and due diligence is extremely necessary before the country can decide how to move forward. This is more important than harping on Buku Jingga or whatever and scoring points with Umno/BN on the development agenda. Man does not live by bread alone!
Umno-BN trying to steal the thunder from Opposition 
However, so far the Opposition alliance – Pakatan Rakyat – has been doing extremely well with its pronouncements on PTPTN, car prices, toll collection, RCI and oil royalty, among others. Umno/BN will implement all these before the forthcoming 13th General Election to deny the Opposition “any issues”.
Even if Umno/BN implements the entire package of plans, programmes, packages, reforms proposed by the Opposition, it still doesn’t mean that Umno/BN should be returned to power. Mahathir talked about Umno/BN doing now what the people want – meaning that they previously ignored the people’s wishes – and crying that this should be taken into consideration by the people.
Again, the next GE is not about scoring points on the development agenda but about restoring one of the fundamental checks-and-balances in a democratic system i.e. not keeping the ruling party in power more than two or three terms; and the said audit/due diligence. An audit/due diligence would not be necessary if the ruling party is voted out every two to three terms as in other civilized countries.
Mahathir obviously fears the audit/due diligence process since it will among others bring his Administration, 22 long years in the squatting, under public and official scrutiny.
The end result will be that Umno/BN will be prevented from returning to power, if at all, for a very long time. Many Umno/BN leaders including Mahathir will be counting the bars soon if they don’t flee the country for dear life. It would be poetic justice for the people if Mahathir is locked up even for a day and comes out from jail, all white-haired and disheveled, looking a forlorn sight in prison rags.
If at all Umno/BN returns to power some day, it will have to be in a reincarnated form taking into consideration its Karma in the previous form.
This is something that Mahathir very much fears as he makes an impassioned plea – better the known devil, than the unknown angel – for Umno//BN to be retained “rather than the people try out the Opposition for a term”.
Mahathir hedging bets by planting one-term for Opposition idea
He’s hedging his bets in planting the one-term idea in the people’s head.
What makes Mahathir think that the people would give the Opposition only one term in Putrajaya where the Umno/BN bloodsuckers, leeches and parasites have parked themselves by hook-and-by-crook for 55 years?
The certainty that Umno/BN would be voted out of power, come the 13th GE, stems from the fact that this time as in 2008, it’s not about being asked to choose between the incumbents and the Opposition but about voting against squatters in Putrajaya. The opposition will win by default.
Before the opposition got its act together and forged total unity, it had always been Umno/BN which won by default helped by its control of the media before the advent of the Internet, and total abuse of various laws including the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) and the five Emergency ordinances. Such abuse will have to be covered by the audit/due diligence.
Opposition destroying country figment of Mahathir’s imagination
The question of the Opposition destroying the country, Mahathir’s figment of the imagination, does not arise.
Prime Minister Mohd Najib Abdul Razak has already conceded in recent days, in taking a break from dishing out his daily dose of goodies and conjuring up hype and more hype, that Malaysia’s progress and development so far has been entirely due to “the remarkable people of the country”.
So, whether Umno/BN or the Opposition, Malaysia will continue on its development path at least through organic growth.
It’s Umno/BN which has brought the country to near ruin, burdening future generations, by running up the National Debt Burden to reach almost 55 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
This is not money borrowed, as in Singapore for example, for productive investment and genuine development purposes but simply to run the politics and feed the greed of Umno/BN and finance their lavish lifestyles at the expense of the people and future generations who would have to repay the debts.
This is a heinous crime for which the perpetrators must be brought to book and made to account for their mortal sins against the people.
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