Victorious Return of HINDRAFLeader – Waytha Moorthy

Struggle for the Rights and Dignity of the Oppressed Communities Continues
Early July this year, Hindu Rights Action Force (HINDRAF) announced that Waytha Moorthy,their chairman who had lived in exile in Britain since the end of November 2007 decided toreturn home on the 1 August. This was after he filed a class action suit in London High Court on2 July, against the UK government to recover the rights and dignity of the marginalized Indiancommunities in Malaysia. Waytha Moorthy has been trying to gain attention and support of theinternational community for HINDRAF in its struggle for the past 5 years.There is a leaflet containing his statement distributed in the Indian community, especially amongthe poor. Words such as "HINDRAF wants the safe return of Waytha Moorthy - the visionaryand fearless leader of the marginalized Indian community!" and “Strive for the new democraticrevolution!"All ethnic groups and political parties are closely monitoring two issues: 1. Will WaythaMoorthy return to homeland safely? 2. After his return, what is his vision as well as that of HINDRAF about the future?At about 12 noon on 1 August, Waytha Moorthy together with his wife and daughter,accompanied by leaders and supporters from Johor and nationwide, were about to return home.In five cars, 20 of them arrived from Singapore at the Johor Bahru Immigration Checkpoint.

The photo (left) was taken when Waytha Moorthy was leaving Singapore. He answeredquestions by the officer at the immigration checkpoint before he entered Malaysia. The photo(right) shows Waytha Moorthy (second from right) talking to Ganesan, HINDRAF advisor,while awaiting immigration officers to return his passport. He was accompanied by his wife anddaughter at the Johor Bahru Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex (CIQ). After checking his passport, the customs officer told Waytha Moorthy: "You are wanted by thegovernment". He was asked to meet the senior officer in the office for further questions. Heflatly refused. He was then requested to wait at the car, while the officer left the counter to seek further instructions from his superior. Waytha Moorthy took the opportunity to put on theorange-coloured T-shirt specially made by HINDRAF. About 30 minutes later, his passport wasreturned to him. He had his smooth return to Malaysia.

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