Waytha, Hindraf cannot walk alone

shake%20hand.jpgVOXPOP (Malaysiakini Comments) 'To champion the cause of the oppressed, he needs to work with a coalition of people. The only option is Pakatan.'

Hindraf will not go into politics, says Waytha

Anonymous #19098644: This country needs change and only Pakatan Rakyat has the widespread support to make this happen.

Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy has an important role to play in nation building, championing the cause of the underclass and the oppressed of all races with the focus on the Indian community. To be effective, he needs to work with a coalition of people. The only option is Pakatan.

BN is totally discredited and it is about to get the marching orders from the rakyat. If Waytha works with or joins Pakatan, many will support him. If he works against the interests of the rakyat, he will find that he has only a small fringe group of supporters cheering him on.

Fairnessforall: Waytha seems more realistic and intelligent that his elder brother, Uthayakumar, who seems to be self-serving and power hungry.

Hopefully, Waytha will be able to work with Pakatan for the betterment of the Indians. Waytha should throw his support behind Pakatan and after they win Putrajaya, sit and discuss with the coalition what needs to be done and how it needs to be done to help the minority Indians.

After all, we have given BN 55 years and all they did was steal and rob the country, so why not give Pakatan five years and see if they are sincere in improving the plight of all races, including the Indians.

Of course, do not expect the many problems that BN has accumulated to be resolved in five years, but at least if 30 percent is resolved with the others being looked into, we can say that Pakatan is sincere.

Blogsmith: I applaud Waytha for his stand. I do understand the plight of the homeless Indians, especially those kicked out from plantations without adequate compensation.

However, I also hope he appreciates that Pakatan wishes to approach things from a non-racial viewpoint.

Josephine: Hindraf is the only movement which fought for the rights of the marginalised Indian community. Malaysians generally did not realise that the Indians faced such problems until Hindraf highlighted them.

Initiating the civil action in London would be a timebomb for the UK as many other descendants of indentured labourers are watching the case closely. Hindraf is well-positioned to create another tsunami.

Satu Malaysian: In post-2007, Indian Malaysians had put their full faith on Hindraf and Pakatan, but due to Uthaya's incarceration in Kamunting and Pakatan's failure to address the core issues and implement meaningful reform for them, many of the Hindraf and Pakatan supporters became disillusioned.

Even those who remained loyal were exploited and lured away by selfish Indian leaders with personal agendas who are largely responsible for splitting the Indians into 11 different political outfits as it stands today.

The plight of the poor Indians in the country is rather grave and the fact is that without unity, it is next to impossible to resolve the issues.

Waytha's willingness to spearhead the Hindraf struggle is commendable but he is well-advised to stay away from PM Najib Razak's ‘nambikei' (trust) as in all probabilities the latter may take the Indians on another ride ‘around the mulberry bush'.

Having returned after a four-year absence, Waytha may be able to look at the ‘Indian problem' from a fresh viewpoint or from outside the box and offer some workable solutions.

But the pertinent question is how to unite the fragmented Indians as without unity, the arduous task ahead becomes even more difficult. United we stand, divided we fall.

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