Curse or a boon to be born as Non-Malays in Malaysia?

An Islamic preacher is calling the Non-Malays as Kafir Harbi, who are being labelled as the enemy of Islam in Malaysia, He further mentioned that Non-Malays are planning to kill the Muslims. On top of that, he is asking every Muslim to protect

Islam from Non-Malays. Seriously? Majority is asked to protect their religion from Minority. So far, thousands of police reports have been made by individuals and NGOS. However, the effectiveness of the police reports is yet to be seen. This is

not the first time that the Non-Malays are being bullied in our country. Sad but that's the reality. Islamic preachers Zakir Naik and Zamri Vinoth have repeatedly insulted our religious beliefs and our race openly, but never taken a single action against them.

Recently, S. Kisona was targeted by the racist politician using derogatory remarks. She was labelled as 'Keling' from the estate. How shallow is his brain! The contribution of Indians from estate could not be quantify. The contributions in the

rubber industry, transportation sector (railway tracks), civil service and land development are a few of the examples to show the greatness of our forefathers' being a part of this country's growth.

The announcement by the government that 51% of Non-Malays equity should be given to the Malays is like adding salt to the wounds. In addition, the Prime Minister announced that Bumiputera equity shares and firms can be bought by

Bumiputera only. This is another discriminatory policy. TERAJU was formed in 2011 under the Prime Minister's Department to spearhead Bumiputera Agenda where the Head reports directly to the Prime Minister, whereas MITRA (formerly

known as SEDIC) which was formed in 2014 to ensure the effective implementation and distribution of the funds allocated for Indians, currently being placed under a ministry and the Director-General of MITRA downgraded from JUSA B to

Gred 54. The worst thing, RM100mil allocation which was allocated to MITRA is not being distributed till now.

Indonesians, Pakistanis, Rohingya and other foreigners are given citizenship, but my fellow Indians who were born here even before Merdeka still holding red IC. In the education sector, the school allocation is yet to be distributed.

Furthermore, the Indian children who scored well in SPM and STPM were not given the university course of their choices. They are being neglected in the name of 'quota'. Many Tamil schools are still not fully under the purview of the

government even though they are part national education system. Many Indians are not being employed due to racial discrimination. Many Indian civil servants are being sidelined in the promotion exercise and the list goes on!

Many Indians are economically backwards. No proper policy to drive the community forward. How long more we have to wait to be treated equally as other fellow Malaysians? How long more we have to fight for every single right of ours?

Inclusivity is not exclusive to one single community as how it was described in the 12 Malaysia Plan. Inclusivity means equal opportunity for every single person in the national development agenda. Sadly, the government is describing it

narrowly. Pathetic! Even after 60 years of independence, the Indian community has to voice out for every single discrimination act against Indians. This should not be the way. However, this is the best way that we have for now. Only through

real political change this situation could be reversed. Hope that day is not far from now!

Now, you tell me, being an Indian in Malaysia is a boon or a curse?

Ganabatirau Veraman

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