Crushed bones, lost lives and winning at all costs: Is Najib a civilized man?

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Crushed bones, lost lives and winning at all costs: Is Najib a civilized man?
J. D. Lovrenciear
It is an established fact made known without shame or guilt that BN is bent on winning the 13th GE “at all cost”. No political party in the democratic world of the 21st century has made such blatant statements and pronounced a similar war-cry to its citizens.
But we have!
When a political party leader screams for blood and “crushed bones’, is it not tantamount to treason against nationhood?
When a political party unashamedly parades its determined efforts to retain power by any means, is it also not against democratic nationhood?
And if the actions spell treason to the nation, is it also not a violation to our Constitutional Monarchy and Council of Rulers?
Then how come no action nor reprimand was served on such leaders and political parties that appeared bent on winning the elections at all cost?

“Crushed bones” and “lost lives”
Do our BN leaders not feel ashamed that they are so desperate in staying on in power even if it is at the high cost of crushing bones and bodies of fellow citizens?
Suppose Lim Kit Siang, Tok Guru or DSAI blurted such cries in their assemblies, what would BN have done? Surely by now these veterans would be castrated in Kamunting, right?
How can we proudly proclaim to the world that Malaysia is ‘Truly Asia’ when we subscribe to political wars of the Dark Ages?
How can we trumpet claims that Malaysia is soon to be a developed world when we are subscribing to savage politics using race, religion and sex-scams as ammunition to bludgeon the emotions of the rakyat, setting up people against people, citizens against citizens?
One day the PM shouts to his UMNO members that they will guard Putrajaya even if it has to be over crushed bones and bloodied bodies. Then another day he says BN apologizes for its past mistakes. What kind of trade-off politicking is this?

What kind of a civilization is this?
It is very sad. It is very hurting. The history of Malaysian politics is increasing being bombed and sunk into the deep recesses of political doom. Never in the past before the time of Tun Dr Mahathir did we have any prime minister publicly proclaim such dangerous and malevolent statements. Never.
Our early leaders always pronounced goodwill, collaboration and harmony between Malaysians. They reminded us of our duties to each other and our responsibilities to a future when going to the polls. But all that was flushed down the sewer with the Tun’s ‘Mahathrism’ political agenda that was bolted with the mantra of ‘divide and rule’.
And so it is no surprise that treason against nationhood is openly committed, subscribed to and championed today.
No thought and cares are given to the meaning, significance and imperatives of general elections in a democracy of contemporary times. Politicians do not respect the very principle of elections. They are steam rolling the rakyat’s right and the space to decide which candidate and which political party they will vote for based on performance and honor, faith and hope.

Cunning and fraud, not hard work and sincerity
Today winning an election is not any more based on gaining the trust and confidence of the voter for BN. Instead, it is one of “timing” which translates to cunningness really does it not? It is more of sly strategies to out-smart, mislead and hoodwink the voters into believing that the vote must go to BN.
These past several years since the last elections, concerned citizens’ groups have been highlighting the many wrongs in government. Why couldn’t the BN address these with commitment, transparency and public accountability? It had the benefit of time and lead advantage did it not?
If BN leaders had responded right-mindedly, surely today as the nation feverishly heads for the junction of another crucial election, they do not have to scream “at all cost”. So whose mistake is this? The rakyat’s? Or the Opposition parties?
If only the two prime ministers – Pak Lah and Najib had abandoned the ‘Mahathiristic’ mantra of divide and rule, threaten and conquer, fabricate lies and banish opponents, today BN can sail to yet another victorious mandate.
But knowing full well the price that will have to be paid, BN has already set the climate for treason against nationhood.
As so to save the nation from a great fall, the rakyat are bracing for Bersih 3.0. This is not the opposition parties’ doing; it is all BN’s fault. True?

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