Did BN for the last 50 years ever been voted into power legally?

Leaked video shows students no longer stupid
'The fact that some students actually recorded this and leaked it shows that the scheme may actually backfire on BN.'

Caught on video - officials luring student voters
Foo: Isn't the Election Commission (EC) supposed to be neutral? Isn't it the EC's constitutional duty to conduct clean and fair elections?

Well, this video has just presented documentary proof to all the stories everybody has heard about the EC. But I'm sure the EC will come out with 1,001 explanations as it always does when cornered.

Isana This is not surprising at all. We all know that it is only by manipulation that Umno-BN can retain their seats. Prime Minister Najib Razak needs to cheat to defend Putrajaya. See you all at Bersih 3.0 this Saturday.

A Selangor Voter: I thought the Election Commission (EC) chief just said that we have the cleanest electoral roll in the world?

Hmmmmmmmm: The fact that some students actually recorded this and leaked it shows that the diabolical scheme of changing the students' addresses may actually backfire on BN.

They could see their slim majority turning into a loss, thanks to these new voters. They should bear in mind that not all students support BN.

Karma: This recording shows that the students are not dumb as thought by some Umno people who had sent their men to do this dirty job.

The students secretly recorded this. It is sad to hear racist remarks in the conversation.

Chinese MPs help the Malays too as all votes are equally important for them to win. This video proves further that Najib's 1Malaysia has failed.

Anonymous #11028691: How can the Chinese be dangerous to the Malays? The government's decision-making body is Malay, the executive body is mainly Malay, the army and police are Malay, 70 percent of the country's population is Malay.

The Umno members always play up racial issues, not for the benefit of the Malays, but only to hold on to power so that they can continue to suck the country dry.

Mat Malaysia: The students are not stupid despite all BN's efforts to keep them stupid. Even if they change their addresses, they would still vote for Pakatan so don't waste your time.

Moontime: This is clearly an act of desperation by Umno. They must have a bad premonition that they will be the opposition after the next GE. What these bunch of ‘yahoos' forgot is that the students are a savvy lot and are IT literate to boot.

They won't fall for this kind of unethical gerrymandering by a political party facing a potentially humiliating defeat.

Kgen: This is proof that the EC is an agent of BN, even if we already know that.

Nambikai: To Najib, EC, National Registration Department (NRD): is this how you win the elections?

If you all have any integrity left, you should resign and let a caretaker government run this country and let a proper election body conduct the elections.

But then again, integrity is not something you all are familiar with.

AYF: The BN government says it can't offer Malaysians free education, yet they can bear all the costs for students to rent houses and change addresses, they can use the taxpayers' money to run programmes of religious or racist propaganda as if the money is taken from their own pockets.

All these are done just to stay on in power and continue to rob us.

Whatsup: Not only are the top government officers subservient to Umno, but it seems also all the religious leaders.

These people are supposed to protect the rakyat and set good examples and yet, they meekly stand on the sidelines and watch.

Can I conclude then that Najib/Umno/BN goons are far more powerful than the divine power, which everyone has to fear and ‘kowtow' to them?

Anyway, I don't expect any action will be taken on this case because Umno-BN runs the government and they are above the law, and to them laws are only for the lowly rakyat and the opposition.

With EC and NRD working hand in glove with BN, how can Pakatan Rakyat ever win GE13? How can the rakyat have a reasonable future?

We are all condemned by these scums and many of us, sad to say, are still not bothered to do something about it but continually vote for these lowlife characters.

Fair&Just: From the avalanche of scandals cascading from the top echelon of the government, what do you expect from this despotic regime which is bent on retaining power by all means crooked or foul, even with "crushed bodies", so that they can continue their opulent, decadent lifestyles through milking and splurging the rakyat's money?

Dood: Expect the report on this matter to be tagged ‘No Further Action' upon receipt.

Democracy: Since DAP is sure of winning Kota Melaka, why not spare 2,000 PKR or PAS members there to do what this video promote for the neighbouring constituency? They can get paid by Umno for the change of address, including rental, but vote Pakatan.

Can we apply to court to disqualify the EC from conducting the election since this is proof of their partisan stand.

EC, according to the constitution, must be neutral so a non-neutral EC has effectively disqualified itself from conducting the elections.

Anonymous_40f4: There are many more despicable acts of manipulation going on in the electoral process.

The 13th GE is going to be rigged and the people are going to go out on the streets. Many Muslim regimes have recently fallen due to people power.

The rakyat can't accept a deceitful, cheating and corrupt government anymore. The country and its people have to move on with the rest of the world.

Jedi_Who: The fact that the NRD and EC are involved is very, very serious and of grave consequences to our country, its people and its future. This is nothing short of high treason.

Freemsia: With all this dirt that is coming out, I just wonder, has the government of the day for the last 50-odd years ever actually been voted into power legally?

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