Excessive Spending Habits of Malaysian Ministers

Lately, we have been shocked and startled by several revelations of how our leaders are flaunting their wealth and splashing their cash around. One wonders how civil servants like that could have so much money stashed away to spend on themselves and their families.

For average Malaysians like me, who have very challenging spending power, I could only gasp! and scratch my head to do the maths. I come to the conclusion that even if I have THAT much money, I do not have the gutts to splurge like some. Money is hard to come by.

My grandfather, and later his son, my dad, often refer to cash as “BLOOD MONEY”. We are taught to look upon it as some sacrifice on the part of our elders who have sacrificed much to put food on the table. That is how hard it is to get it, only by working hard and going through all kinds of perils of the workplace. This generation, who’s gone through two world wars, will tell you, as I have been told, that they can slog all days and years, and still can’t be filthy rich!

Perhaps, it is just karma, luck. Life is never fair!

The world has no love for spendthrift or excessive leaders. It reminds us of how challenging our lives are, and the lives of those who live below or at poverty lines. One may have a good job, decent pay and yet not be able to afford all the wonderful things one needs because life offers many “surprises” especially financial ones.

So when we hear about the Prime Minister and his First Lady (apologies to Her Majesty the Queen) spending spree, from birthday bashes to engagement parties and overseas holidays, most want to puke, or at the very least, pull out their hairs, even knock their heads on the wall.

RM407K ++  engagement party for daughter.  RM80,000 for birthday bash, out of which, RM30,000++ for flowers. what about that holiday in Sydney - A$20,000 (RM65,100) a night penthouse at the newly-minted five-star Darling Hotel?

These are only some of the excesses we know of, tip of the iceberg, they say.

If you have the money, would you be splashing on your lifestyle like this? Some would say “yes”, but I would say “no”. It takes a certain courage and greed, some madness and hunger for glamour to be able to splurge like this.

For excessive spending habits is a reflection of some hollowness in one’s life, some kind of disease that is borne out of stress, loneliness, etc….

I believe our PM and his wife need help! I suggest both of them read this and seek some treatment:
Overspending or excessive spending can often be used as a mind-altering ‘drug.’ As you notice, there are certain feelings that prompt you to overspend. Common ones are stress, loneliness, anxiety, sadness, and boredom, to mention a few. However, don’t be surprised if you find that happiness, success, or accomplishments may prompt you to “shop ‘til you drop” as well.

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