Probe Umno leader with ‘illegal immigrant’ mistress

Queville To | April 8, 2012

Obtaining a MyKad through the backdoor is far more serious than harbouring an illegal, says opposition SAPP.

KOTA KINABALU: The relevant authorities have been urged to investigate claims by a local online news portal that a senior state Umno leader has abused his position in helping a young lady obtain Malaysian citizenship.

Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) information chief Chong Pit Fah said the report carried in warrants urgent attention as the Umno leader, a state legislator, is now also allegedly keeping the woman, who was an illegal immigrant, as his mistress after helping her secure Malaysian citizenship.

According to the news report, the woman is now holding a MyKad as well as a Malaysian International Passport after reportedly coming to Sabah with a valid Philippines passport and visa. The news report claimed that she failed to renew her visa when it expired and was then allegedly helped by the assemblyman known as “Datuk S” to obtain Malaysian citizenship.

‘Datuk S’ is also alleged to have showered her with lavish gifts like an expensive home and vehicle, among others.

“Helping an illegal immigrant to obtain MyKad through the backdoor is far more serious than harbouring one and is tantamount to an act of treason. His lavish gifts also raise questions about his wealth,” said Chong.

“Relevant authorities like the National Registration Department, Immigration Department, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) and the police must investigate the allegations made against Datuk S.

“If they don’t, it will send out the wrong message to the public that there are double standards in law enforcement of this country … one for the common people on the street, and another one for those in the corridor of power,” he said.

RCI vital

Chong stressed that the scandal had made it even more pertinent for the federal government to establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate how thousands of illegal immigrants have made Sabah their home after being granted citizenship by the authorities.

He was referring to the widely publicised ‘Project IC’ or ‘Project M’ scheme which many see as evidence that foreigners had obtained Malaysian citizenship in return for votes and also to overturn the religious balance in the hitherto Christian majority state.

Chong noted that SAPP deputy president, the MP for Sepangar Eric Majimbun, had recently highlighted again another incident of a foreign immigrant in possession of a Mykad.

The said incident involved an Indonesian teacher in Tongod who was found to have in her possession three Malaysian identity cards bearing numbers 770111-12-5319, H0888166 and H0556718, respectively.

According to Majimbun, upon checking, the Home Minister had confirmed that the MyKad bearing the numbers 770111-12-5319 was non-existent while the other two identity cards do not belong to the teacher concerned.

However despite this the Indonesian teacher, using the MyKad reportedly issued to a person now deceased, managed to secure government funds and facilities provided for education.

Majimbun also highlighted just last week that the Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia (BR1M) scheme too has been exploited by some ‘dubious citizens’ who are in fact foreign nationals.

The MP even found that his own MyKad number was being used by an illegal immigrant and lodged a police report about the theft of his identity.

Chong said that in the light of all this evidence of wrongdoing, “if still nothing is done more and more Sabahans would end up becoming refugees in their own homeland”.

“Our very own native people who are also the bumiputera are fast losing their rights and privileges to these so-called new citizens who are in actual fact foreign immigrants,” he said.

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