R.A.H.M.A.N Prophecy

RAHMAN Prophecy Najib Razak
Post 13th general election, PM Najib has only himself to blame if he is boot out by the same person who initiated former PM Badawi’s resignation. Najib missed out a golden opportunity to call for a snap election earlier. He was also indecisive and reluctant to reshuffle his cabinet to filter his inner enemies prior to the coming election. Just like in stock market, he bought shares but didn’t take profit and when his shares reverse, he was indecisive about cutting lost and holds on. He thought it was just paper lost. But when the Team-M executes their plan ultimately, Najib will be hugging real losses because the share he was holding has become junk shares due to delisting. Will Najib become the shortest (4-year) serving Prime Minister of Malaysia, even shorter than his father who died in office?

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