Scorpenes: Like Altantuya’s dad, M’sians are helpless – in their own country!

Scorpenes: Like Altantuya's dad, M'sians are helpless - in their own country!
J. D. Lovrenciear
What can we make out of the six years that have gone by involving late Altantuya? The nation still does not know who was or were the real and brutal murderer/s behind the killers of the late Altantuya and the 28 million citizens less a handful remain without answers to crucial questions surrounding the circumstances, actions and in-actions of the case?

Thanks to the courageous and committed SUARAM for persevering, giving some glimmer of hope that justice may ultimately prevail from a foreign land.

But what is totally baffling is none of the MPs, leaders and followers from the BN barracks have ever made any statements of concern for the poor and helpless foreign lady who was shattered away into oblivion with military grade C4 explosives.

Do not the BN supporters have any conscience?
Yes, we read of murders all over the world. But none as brutal and heinous as the one that Malaysia has witnessed in its own backyard.

Yes, there have been crimes against humanity but none in our living memories that implicated their nation’s existing leaders and or their spouses.

It is most piercing into our conscience that 28 million people cannot succeed to deliver justice for one soul. None within the corridors of power have made any statement or expressed any opinion condemning the mysteries still wrapping around the fragments of tiny flesh and shattered bones of the mother, daughter, sister, cousin from a foreign land who was recruited to help the Malaysian government in the procurement of arms meant for defending the nation.

Only the opposition politicians and NGOs like SUARAM have been persevering to let a beacon of justice to prise open the vaulted mystery surrounding the murder of Altantuya. And for that they only earn brick bats from the leaders and followers of BN.

Does this not trouble any of the millions of followers of the BN government?

Or have we 28 million people reached a point that we are totally insignificant, helpless and useless in saving the grace, dignity, honour and reputation of our nation and its King?

Have the 28 million people been reduced to such low levels of helpless state that none can force bring the culprits to book to eventually save the nation, people and King from this permanent blotch in Malaysia’s history?

Seeking justice from an overseas court!
The very fact that SUARAM has to go the distance to Paris to hope ignite some flicker of justice over six ardours years is already a screaming shame to this nation’s judiciary. What have the entire legal fraternity got to say to this? Does it not then mean that the legal practice in Malaysia is just as helpless and reduced to hopelessness much like the 28 million citizens?

We may be tempted to discount ourselves by arguing that efforts are being taken. But the point is why six long years and still unable to delivery justice within our own yards?

Tens of thousands of citizens are prepared to march in unison for clean, fair and just electoral rolls. Hundreds of students are prepared to publicly resonate their displeasure over the financially strangulating difficulties for education. Tens of thousands of Indians were prepared to let acid water drench their souls in making their demands communicated.

By those actions we demonstrate clearly that the will of the people is still strong. And that we can do what needs to be done for as long as it affects us and our future, and King and nation as well.

We even go to great though shameful extremes in drawing battle-lines over race and religion issues, fueled to the hilt by some main stream media.

But what about this gruesome murder? Is it nothing to scream about? Do we not worry about the circumstances surrounding this brutal killing? Are we not concerned about the sequence of events leading to the total annihilation of a foreign soul in our backyard? Is it insignificant to the point that it is none of our business even though it involved purchase of arms for the security of the nation and the profiteering that wrapped the entire deals?

We have let six years flow under the bridge of indifference. We have allowed six years of tormenting pain and anguish besiege the family members of the murdered victim. How long more will we wait by the wayside to see crystal clear justice done?

Yes the alternative media has taken many and relentless attempts to bring the case into the public foyer. But what about the scores of journalists in the main stream media? What have you done according to the dictates of your conscience?

We have seen many NGOs raise the mysterious nature of the killing. But have the leaders of all religions and their faithful done anything beyond other then silently praying for justice?

What have all of us done beyond these?

The frightening truth is we — all 28 million people less the few handful who have their hands and hearts stained with the blood of Altantuya, have become crippled to a point that we cannot force world-class justice to be delivered.

We have been reduced to such a pathetic state of hopeless helplessness which explains why despite six years, the poor and devastated father of late Altantuya continues to weep for the return of his precious child’s remains or whatever is left of her annihilated body.

And for as long as the Mongolian gentleman weeps for justice, all of us who could have made a significant difference but hesitated or ignored the need are equally guilty and remain eternally accountable.

No different from Altantuya’s dad – Malaysians are helpless in their own country
Sad Malaysia. 28 million of us have been reduced to helpless hopelessness. And the world will remember us forever as much as humanity remembers civilisation’s records.

Indeed no amount of words can capture the sense of helpless hopelessness faced by Malaysians and the sheer shame that hangs over our conscience.


Anonymous said...

mamakthir! is playing double game Mr PM.He is getting rid of you by reviving all scandals at the right timing prior 13th GE(similarly prior 12th GE to flop PM Badawi) while plotting course for his half baked junior to take over the helm.Of course your diesel sub is fully prepared for black sea voyage;at least safe this nation from extremely corrupted mamak tarbus and upright your old man's legacy.

Redspect said...

"If you haven't any charity in your heart you have the worst kind of heart trouble" to cure it
Help people, let's unite for one good cause, be a volunteer"save lives"!

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