If Pakatan wins… true ‘Muhibbah’ and not faked ’1Malaysia’

True 'Muhibbah' and not faked '1Malaysia': If Pakatan wins... Part 2
Iskandar Dzulkarnain
It will be the dawn of a new horizon. It will be dynamic and a new Malaysian Utopia will emerge.
Is this what you are waiting for? If not, skip this article and read the next one. Actually, it does get more exciting as Part 1 of this series If Pakata wins… hardly broached the benefits of a new Pakatan Rakyat Government. Even Part 2 is only the tip of the iceberg.
It is without doubt that a Pakatan victory would transform the lives of Malaysians in this country. Those who have yet to read Part 1 should do so NOW .

BN is boring!
Criticising the BN administration is not going to do anyone any good. Highlighting their miserable contributions to society and nation is a waste of time and effort as it will bring more curses and swearing.
In fact, most of what is wrong has been highlighted by Opposition websites and the alternative media. Everyone including BN knows what they have done wrong and what they should do to correct their mistakes. But that would mean that the BN leaders and wannabes all the way down the line would have to share the cake and forgo their dreams of becoming overnight billionaires.
So, let’s focus on the positive issues instead. It would also be a good opportunity to debunk the myth of total anarchy as foretold by certain boring BN leaders, should Pakatan win the election.

First world amenities and spending power
Other than the instant savings from petrol, toll, new vehicle ownership and further education, the following could be slated for reduction:
Road tax and insurance. Our road tax is among the highest in the world especially for vehicles above 2000cc. The big used cars are cheaper to purchase but the road tax will kill you. In the last few years insurance companies have raised their rates, insisting on customers buying fire and theft coverage. Regulating the insurance industry and putting in new players would ensure healthy competition.
Electricity tariff would be reviewed as the spike in rates has shocked consumers (literally) and many have yet to get over the shock.
Water bills too would be reduced by 70% as water levels are scheduled to increase by 70% on the completion of the Langat 2 dam. Do we still want it built when it only costs a quarter of a billion ringgit to plug all the unwanted leaks (currently at a high 33% of total water loss) instead of splurging another RM8.6billion on a project that is likely to end up another white elephant given the BN’s past record? Does the government think we can spend money like water?

The National Budget
Budget 2013 would be reviewed with government spending reduced by 90% by the cancellation or postponement of mega projects that do not generate favourable returns. Defence purchases like fighter jets, submarines, littoral combat ships and tear gas canisters would be put on hold as there is hardly a national threat.
The budget for each Ministry would be reviewed to ensure that wastage of funds are reduced, especially in the Prime Minister’s Department.
The government would ensure that the Petronas Oil Dollars would benefit the country and the Rakyat as a whole, and not be someone’s personal cheque book anymore.
Instead the bulk of the budget would be channeled to improve the standard of living of the Rakyat.
Improving the financial health of the Rakyat would enable the country to be debt free and would enable the nation to attain first world status. Our currency would appreciate against the US dollar hovering at the same rate as the Singapore Dollar one day.

Plugging the leaks and enhancing living standards
Plugging the leaks from money laundering, mega projects, bail-outs and cronyism would ensure that our hard earned money stays within our borders.
The high number of Ministries would be reviewed as the government go on an austerity drive to reduce the national debt while enabling more funds to alleviate poverty and to provide basic amenities like roads and utilities. Imagine, BN spent all that money (RM420billion) but PR has to repay the debt. How unfair is this!
Villages in the countryside would see new infrastructure like roads, utilities and petty business loans that can instantly improve their living standards and while shoring up property prices.
Free internet would be widely available to encourage the Rakyat to read and surf for information instead of now when Info Minister Rais Yatim is hell-bent of controlling the Internet through Section 114A of the Evidence Act.

Muhibbah instead of 1Malaysia?
The Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development would be revamped to ensure that the new Minister would be helmed by a woman. Its scope would be widened to oversee social ills affecting women rights and Malaysian society, and also to bind Malaysians together in the spirit of Muhibbah. There should be no more cow scandals.
Half-way houses would be built for the poor and homeless, dialysis machines for the diabetics and welfare benefits would be easily available to those in need. Recreational facilities like jogging parks, libraries, sports and community halls would be built to enhance racial integration.
The deportation of foreign illegal immigrants would allow healthy competition among the local petty traders, and allow for housewives, jobseekers and retirees to take on extra jobs. This would also contribute to a reduction in crime and social ills.
Our investment arm Khazanah and Bank Negara too would be restructured and helmed by professional economists who would go for opportunities, and not risk.
The Rakyat would be encouraged to celebrate their individual festivals by initiating open houses to invite neighbours from other races. The Muhibbah theme will replace the disappointing 1Malaysia.
Meritocracy would be restored but efforts would be made to ensure that the weak are not sidelined. Our geniuses would be given priority to further their education overseas.

A welfare state
A welfare state would be developed to ensure that the elderly and retired would be given fixed monthly pensions to last them a lifetime. Retirees also get to enjoy complimentary seats on buses, trains and ferries all over the country.
It will be coupled with a state sponsored Health Insurance to ensure a ‘cradle to the grave’ privilege to all Malaysian citizens.
All this and certainly more to come would be a reality IF Pakatan becomes the next government. It is not an exaggeration as most sceptics may think.
It is not only a probability but it should actually be the norm for any government to strive to give these goodies to the citizens. For too long, we have been short-changed and deceived by those in the corridors of power.
Remember, if Pakatan Rakyat ever fails us, there is always an eager and repentant BN rushing to promise us the moon.

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