Questions, questions for NFC as re-tendering opens

Harakahdaily, 16 August 2012

Aug 16: Where is the audit report by the 'independent auditors' on scandal-ridden National Feedlot Corporation as promised by deputy prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin? What is the status of NFC’s frozen assets announced on January 14 this year, and were they enough to recover the wrongfully spent money?

Has NFC repaid all its debts given that the BN Federal government had called for new bidders for the project?

These questions, according to PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli, have yet to be answered by prime minister Najib Razak.

Rafizi, who has been instrumental in revealing shocking details of fund abuse by the public-funded company, insisted that the government should not appoint a new contractor for the feedlot project until the NFC linked to Wanita UMNO chief Shahrizat Jalil’s family repaid the RM250 million loan.

Agriculture and Agro-based minister Noh Omar recently said the re-tendering exercise for the National Feedlot Centre was in progress despite lingering liabilities and financial fiasco.

“The retendering exercise is just a ploy to write-off the NFC’s RM250 million loan through the appointment of a new contractor without the public being aware,” he added.

Rafizi said Najib must ensure no new funds are injected to the project, but more importantly, he said no new contractor should be appointed until the money was fully recovered.

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