TUARAN : Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing said that his sole mission now is to assist and help Pakatan Rakyat to take over the Federal Government in order to deliver to the people of Sabah the desired aspiration they have been hoping to enjoy under the Barisan Nasional government.

Bumburing said: "As a free citizen of this country, l will be the happiest man on earth if our nation comes to a new era where it will be rule by a government that will be truly fair to every citizens of this country regardless of race and religion and that l am most especially happy if I can help in my small way to realize this objective without having to be a candidate.
"This is the whole objective why the Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) is set up. APS is not about promoting anyone to be a candidate to represent PR in the next general election as have been alleged by certain quarters.
It is not neccessary for me or any of the APS leaders to be a candidate. I am sure the current leaders from among the Pakatan Rakyat coalition have from among themselves capable leaders who are ready to be put up as candidate in the coming election.
Our primary objective therefore is to unite all those former BN supporters who have left BN long before APS was set up and together with the current component members of Pakatan Rakyat we hope to be able to form a united front to bring an end to BN rule.
"Initially, l and members of the team that left BN with me were offered membership in PKR, but out of respect to the current line up in the PKR leadership, and in order not to disrupt their organisational structure, we declined the offer first and instead we opt to form a movement where we can function as a group to team up with Pakatan Rakyat in facing the BN in the coming general election.
"If the Pakatan Rakyat leadership finds anyone from among the APS leader at grassroot level who are qualified and would be winnable candidate, we are prepared to proposed their names to the Central PR leadership to be selected as candidates.
"Meanwhile, part of our current primary focus also is to unite the entire grassroot supporters from among the opposition in order for us to be able to put forward a formidable and united front.
"The BN election machinery will be at their fiercest and strongest in the coming election, I know because untill recently, I was part of them. But we will make sure the opposition will be ready to face them.
"Regardless of our shortcoming and handicap, the opposition have the advantage because Malaysian at large and especially Sabahan, after going through almost two decades of BN rules definitely want change in the Federal Government, and this is our window of opportunity to do this." - Sabahkini

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