DISGUSTING DOUBLE STANDARDS & LAWLESSNESS: Save Malaysia before it’s too late!

NEVER mind what and how the mainstream print and electronic media reports paint a rosy picture of Barisan Nasiona (BN) and the government.
Hardly any sane, educated and intelligent Malaysian believes such reports by the BN-controlled media because the reports insult our intelligence most of the time.
Such reports also display disgusting blind loyalty to the BN and to many, such media has been described as prostituting journalism.
What is more worrying to Malaysians in general is the way the 55-year-old government is turning a blind eye to the many negative reports in the internet or cyber world.
Whether the negative reports are inaccurate or lies is another matter.
When a government doesn't give a damn to feedback from the people, it is a sign of arrogance, one of the main reasons for the fall of empires and governments – for Malaysia, it is the BN.
No wonder lawlessness is rising
Many of the reports that appear in the internet daily include allegations of corruption and abuse of power – another two factors for historic downfalls.
The fact that allegations hurled against the BN and its leaders are ignored and not rebutted or followed with legal action speaks volume of the authenticity of the allegations.
And when such allegations are not appropriately acted upon by the police and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), the rakyat (citizens) and the country are in serious trouble.
It is a clear sign of lawlessness fermenting in the country.
Take the recent court judgments and sentencing of two men found guilty of committing statutory rape.
They were freed! On grounds that custodial sentences would spoil their future and that the underage girls had consented!
Since when consent, ignorance and the future of those found guilty are valid legal reasons to free rapists! I say the two freed from committing statutory rape were freed due to political influence – of course BN!
If the victims were the children of the Opposition Pakatan Rakyat (PR) leaders, they would be jailed immediately and their crime politicised to the hilt to damage the reputation of such leaders.
Double standards over vain Najib & wife Rosmah
Another recent example is the way the BN-police are trying to bring to book those who stomped the pictures of prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, his wife and the Election Commission chairman on the eve of Independence Day (Merdeka Day).
Now, did the police act as swiftly as they are doing now when similar behaviours were displayed by BN supporters, especially the racist and violent Perkasa, an Umno outsource.
This leads to the people questioning the biasness of law enforcement in this country.
All these mounting poor governance is certainly doing a disservice to the people and the confidence of both local and foreign investors.
No businessmen will want to invest in a country that is displaying clear signs of double-standards in law enforcement - one for those in the Corridors Of Power and another for those not with the BN government.
That, my friends, will turn Malaysia into a really pariah state in the eyes of the world, if left unchecked!
I reproduce here a recent news report:
CM: So, how about Perkasa burning my photo?
DAP says it strongly condemns and disapproves the act of several individuals who stepped on Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's picture during the Merdeka eve celebration.However, its secretary-general Lim Guan Eng asks, why the BN did not act against the Perkasa members who burnt and stepped on his pictures outside his office.
Lim, who is also Penang chief minister, said the BN was practising selective prosecution and double standards by intending to take action only against those who stepped on Najib's picture.
He wants Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to give an assurance that his ministry would act decisively and expedite the legal process against the BN perpetrators of similar provocative acts on Pakatan Rakyat leaders.
"To date, there is no court action taken against the BN political desperadoes who showed disrespect to portraits of PR leaders.
"Clearly, BN practises selective prosecution, double standards and even outright racism by not expressing the same indignation and demands for stern action against extremist Perkasa members who burnt or stepped on my portrait outside my Komtar office.
"They even performed funeral rites with my portrait outside my house. Why was there no action taken against those who behaved in a similar manner against Bersih 2.0 co-chairperson Ambiga Sreenevasan outside her home?" Lim asked.
He said that while non-Malay BN component party ministers were demanding action after the prime minister's picture was stepped on, there was no comment when this was done to a Chinese chief minister's picture.
Lim was commenting on several people who stomped on Najib's picture's on Merdeka eve and the flying of the Sang Saka Malaya flag.
Lim accused Minister in the Prime Minister's Department and Gerakan president Koh Tsu Koon was irresponsible in blaming the opposition for such an act, which he said was clearly not.
"Secondly, Koh's condemnation of the PM's picture-stomping incident, while keeping mum when my own picture was burnt and funeral rites performed with my image, only exposes Koh's double standards and subservience to Umno.
"Neither did Koh press for any action to be taken on similar protests against Ambiga, who had also to suffer the indignity of having a "butt-dance" performed as well as a "burger protest" in which beef burgers were grilled outside her home, despite the fact that she is a Hindu and a vegetarian," he said.
This only showed BN's attitude in that it was prepared to exploit extremist racial and divisive politics to win the coming general election, Lim added.

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