A foreigner in possession of a dubious IC was asked by a magistrate in Kota Kinabalu in September 1992 how he had obtained the document.
His answer was: “From a project called Project President Mahathir”.
The foreigner was jailed for two years but upon his release, was not repatriated. Instead, he managed to get registered on the Sabah electoral roll, where his name remains up to now.
Next, in 1998, there was a public hearing to decide if would-be new voters in the Likas constituency should be accepted if there were objections to their registration.
The Election Commission’s registering officer asked how they had obtained their ICs - the answer was “from Project Mahathir”. The registering officer testified to this during the hearing of the 1999 Likas election petition.
Can Sabah repatriate these manufactured citizens now. Yes. They can invoke the Inter-Governmental Committee Report, Chapter III, paragraph 16, sub-paragraphs (f) (ii) and (iii) to ‘expel these new citizens to the peninsula.
After all, this was what it did to activist Harris Ibrahim few months ago, when he was refused entry to Sabah allegedly on security grounds.
Dr Chong Eng Leongs article HERE

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Malaysian Indian Ethnic Cleansing by UMNO led government