Yesterday, UMNO Youth together with other Muslim organisations held a street protest and demonstration with regards to a sensitive Islamic film "Innocence of Islam" on Youtube.

Although fully supporting the cause, it should have been done without causing much inconvenience to the members of the public since it is a Friday and a working day.

Due to closure of roads and a mass amount of people around, great inconveniences had been caused.

Many businesses were also affected since customers where unable to patronize their stores. It is undeniable that certain sectors were have a roaring business due to the unexpected large crowd  of people.

BUT WHERE IS JAMAL of Sekinchan Ikan Bakar - THE SELF-CLAIMED HERO OF THE TRADERS......why have you not spoken to condemn the UMNO Youth action of having a peaceful street protest and demonstration and a follow-up with a butt squat and the setting-up of a free burger stalls at the UMNO headquarters and at Khairy Jamaluddin's residence to voice the protest.

Maybe, affected people can now sue the City Hall, Police, UMNO and other interested parties for the inconveniences caused?

Although most peace-loving Malaysians praise the organisers for their noble cause, but since the government under UMNO/BN practiced two(2) sets of laws in Malaysia, they may want compensation for their hardship and to teach the government and affected bodies that people's power is supreme.

Maybe, the members of the public could also lodge police reports (in Millions) so that the police could take action since they had violated the Peaceful Assembly Act.


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