Hindraf’s announcement of the 5th Anniversary Hindraf Rally and Kick out Negeri MB campaign.

ramesh%20perak%20small.jpgHindraf Press Statement

The 25th of November 2007 is a historic day for all Malaysians, when over a hundred thousand Indian Malaysians poured out onto the streets of KL demanding their rightful place in the sun. It is coming to five years now since that historic day. Hindraf is now beginning preparations for a grand celebration of that historic day in the form of another rally.

This was announced by Mr P Waytha Moorthy to a gathering of over 1,500 people in a recent forum conducted by Hindraf at the SJK(C) Pei Hwa Hall in Seremban on the 1st of September 2012. This 5th year anniversary rally is to be held in the KL Selangor Chinese Assembly hall on the 25th of November 2012.

The theme of the rally  is “ The 5th Year Anniversary  - The day when the Indian marginalized rose up against injustice”. The announcement was received with much enthusiasm by the large crowd gathered at the forum. All of this, the turn-ups at the many forums throughout the country held by Hindraf since Mr Waytha Moorthy’s return as well as the enthusiasm with which this news was received by the people in attendance are all indicative of the re-emergence of Hindraf as the potent force for change, which it inherently is, but which has been obscured in recent times by the handiwork of Hindraf’s detractors.

We call upon all Malaysians desirous of true change to the fundamental policies of our country  to come and join us in our fight against injustice. Human Rights  observers from Geneva, Washington, Los Angeles, London and Brussels have confirmed their attendance at this event.

The Hindraf Forum in Seremban was attended by well wishers and many victims of Human Rights violations. Amongst them were Settlers from Gatco from the negeri-pahang border. They are fighting an uphill battle against developers/capitalists who have short changed and prevented their legal right to their 10 acres of land of which they purchased and settled from the 1970’s. Despite the various complications, they are willing to purchase the said land at market value but are disappointed the negeri Sembilan Menteri besar is colluding with the developers.

Waytha Moorthy in his speech in support of the gatco settlers also launched a campaign to oust the Negeri Sembilan Menteri Besar from his rantau seat by getting a consensus amongst the 1500 participants to visit Rantau on a” kick out the MB” campaign. He said if the Negeri Sembilan MB is refusing to exercise his powers to assist the people in purchasing the land at market value, then he does not deserve to be the MB. He said it is time the rakyat show their power by unseating a serving MB which would be a lesson to other Menteri Besars not to take the people and their rights for granted.


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