IMAGINE! Even within pariah state Malaysia, different classes of PARIAHS RULE

IMAGINE! Even within pariah state M'sia, different classes of PARIAHS RULE
MY article titled “BN confirms M’sia as a pariah state to the world” was posted by Malaysia Chronicle under the title Malaysia a PARIAH state to the world thanks to BN”.
I wish to highlight three typical pro-Barisan Nasional cyber troopers’ postings in response to the article, namely Anonymous, Why pledge andNeil .
All three display non-innovative arguments and the deadly tendency to giving blind support to the BN regime. In short, when they argue, just like the BN leaders and their followers, they don’t know what it’s like to look in the mirror.
Too PRETTY or too UGLY to look in the mirror?
Take this piece of comment/response posted in Malaysia Chronicle:
Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:25 posted by Anonymous
Hey author, just wanted to give you an applause for writing about all the things Najib did. Now, i believe there's something that you have forgotten.
(1) The organisers of the Merdeka-eve march did not send in a notice to the police 10 days earlier.
(2) They were not given a permit, but yet they still move on with their agenda.
(3) For numerous times, DBKL has said that Dataran Merdeka is off limits and can only be used for sports, cultural etc events.
(4) You also forgot to mention the fact that the patrons of the Merdeka even march were misbehaving. They were carrying a flag, and not Malaysia's, chanting slogans and stepping on pictures of our leaders.
So, who's the hooligans now? With this type of organisers and patrons in the crowd, there's no wrong with the Government to deploy troops as a prevention.
And do the person who said what did the police do when all that people "showed their butt" in front of Ambiga's house, do your homework and read news before you talk. Polices were deployed during that period of time.
Investments in Penang dropped. Penang Chief Minister bans certain journalist from being present at press conferences. Certain Penang projects not awarded via tender. Investments in Penang dropped. Kelantan does not receive a clean supply of water. Langat 2 water treatment plant rejected again and again and instead replaced with the state's government project which does not help in the long term. Kelantan records highest HIV cases. Kelantan takes over Sabah and becomes the poorest state. PR people only begin to take action when BN highlight their problem. Taking the Selangor free water for the poor as an example. Google the news yourself. Kelantan Government builds new highway, does not use its own fund and tells the people to pay for it and help build it saying they will build "pahala". Penang Government proposes anti hopping law when Anwar and everybody else in PR tries to get BN MPs to defect to their party.
Think before you say. Research before you say.
The Rebuttal
Before I proceed, this is a response from another Malaysia Chronicle reader to Anonymous
Saturday, 01 September 2012 20:06 posted by Why pledge ...
Why blame members of the RAKYAT? The precedents have been set by UMNO and its cronies. Did the Ministers do anything and did the PDRM do anything? And even when the opposition or RAKYAT made objections even by reporting to the Police! Did the police investigate or show any interest?
The Malaysian Flag has appeared in all kinds of shapes and designs before. They even made a dress out of the national flag.
UMNO members, cronies or sympathisers had stomped on photos and banners of opposition leaders, burned them, urinated on them. They even show their butts in front of Ambiga's house. What did the minister and police say or do?
The list is endless. What goes around comes around. Don't blame the RAKYAT. Get some self dignity. Whether you are a minister or PDRM member, perform your duty fair and professionally. You swore to the Agong on your inauguration.
Proud to be a lapdog
There are many points posted by Why pledge … which I would support because, in the first place, the BN is not displaying good leadership by example. If it did, the rakyat (people) would not respond and behave like what they are doing now.
In supporting BN blindly, Anonymous is proud to have his/her right to freedom of speech and freedom to assemble peacefully seized from him/her. He/she likes to be given unfair and unequal treatment by the police, judiciary, etc.
He/She feels so proud to be a BN lapdog. He/She also cannot accept a taste of their own medicine when the same treatment is meted out to the BN by opposing parties.
(Note: I am not saying it is right or wrong! That is another story. I am just comparing the strength of a BN lapdog’s argument)
Now for this posting:
Saturday, 01 September 2012 21:55 posted by Neil
Malaysia is moving towards a 2-race political system.
The coming general election is most likely be a repeat of Sarawak state election 2011, where BN won most of the Malay/Bumi seats and DAP took most of the Chinese seats.
And supported by the various polls conducted, we are quite certain that in GE13, UMNO/PBB going to win most of the Malay/Bumi seats and DAP going to win most of Chinese seats.
UMNO/PBB will win enough seats to form federal government on their own. The first all Malay/Bumi federal government since independence!
Selamat Hari Merdeka!
Saturday, 01 September 2012 21:41 posted by Neil
Malaysia is NOT PARIAH as it is a respected country within the world's family of nations.
But Victor Lim may feel like a PARIAH in Malaysia. Pity him
Pity ME!
Neil’s argument that Malaysia is moving towards a 2-race political system is absolutely flawed due to his blind support and loyalty to BN. What two-race political system?
Under BN’s 55-year rule, it is only Umno Malays’ political system – Umno’s and only Umno, period! It makes no difference whether MCA, MIC, Gerakan or any non-Malay political party exists in the BN. After 55 years, the policies, the unfair and lopsided treatment, including the judiciary, dished out by the BN government’s enforcement agencies are testimony why I say there is no difference whether other political parties exist in BN.
If it did, Umno would not be spewing seditious racial and religious slurs freely to alienate the non-Malays from BN with the hope of rallying Malays with Umno’s Malay Supremacy rallying cry. Whatever happened to the Prime Minister’s 1Malaysia Just a gentle reminder to Neil … what about the Cowgates and other GateScandals that are bankrupting Malaysia?
Yes Neil! I feel like a pariah in Malaysia when I am not given fair treatment and my rights as a loyal tax-paying citizen are trampled upon with glee by the BN government. You should feel the same if dignity is a word in your dictionary.

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