Immatured Malaysian police use sedition act to intimidate people

Do our leaders have any conscience?
September 7, 2012

The recent arrests of some youth showing disrespect to the photographs of the Prime Minister and the  way the issue was handled by the the authorities is hardly responsible and accountable.

Good leaders welcome honest feedback to alert them to issues that need to be addressed. Whenever people are not happy, they need an avenue to convey their unhappiness.

There will be always be immature people who will display their grouses in immature ways.

In seeing such displays, a good leader should be asking questions about his performance instead of using the big stick to swat these tiny ‘ants’.

The actions taken by the authorities against these tiny ‘ants’ so swiftly and highly publicised by the media only brings up the following questions:

i) Don’t the police have more serious crimes to pay such great attention to?

ii) Should not the leadership contact the tiny ‘ants’ and ask them what is the cause of their unhappiness and, if valid, to address it? Is not such an action a leader’s duty?

iii) Should not the leadership be more concerned about far more pressing matters than to even bother about such a petty issue which does not physically harm anybody?

iv) Should not the leadership stop unnecessary utilisation of time and money by the police force and the public prosecutor’s office in dealing with such a trivial matter?

v) Must the media publicise this matter so prominently? It only shows that Malaysians are so unhappy with their leader that they resort to gross behaviour toward the leader concerned.

Thinking citizens will be asking such questions and are seriously concerned about the quality of the current leadership.

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