'Indian representation, not Indian representatives'

Since the return of Hindraf Chairman P Waytha Moorthy early last month, Hindraf has held dozens of road shows and public forums across West Malaysia.
From Johor, Negeri Sembilan, Pahang, Selangor, Perak, Penang and Kedah, these gatherings to meet the people have attracted large crowds, packing indoor halls with enthusiastic Indian Malaysians, wanting to hear the message of Hindraf.
Initially it was intended to register 10,000 Indian Malaysians with their personal contact details like email addresses and handphone numbers within a space of six months of Waytha's return.
The reason being Hindraf is well aware that its message is not going to be carried by the mainstream media who is biased towards BN. Neither is it going to get any favours from the online media which is tilted towards Pakatan Rakyat.
For every single Indian registered in the nationwide tours, it is hoped that he or she will spread the Hindraf message to a further 10 by word of mouth.
hindraf waythamoorthy midlands 050812Astonishingly, the target of achieving 10,000 was achieved within a space of 1 week of Waytha's (right) return.
Currently more than 20,000 have registered and Hindraf has now raised the bar to register 100,000 Indian Malaysians so that it will be able to reach out to one million Indian Malaysians effortlessly in the near future.
The Shah Alam forum attracted 1500 people and the recent Seremban meet brought almost 1400 Indian Malaysians in attendance.
Overall more than 30,000 Indian Malaysians have come forward for these gatherings.
Not a spent force
Looking at the large turnouts, Hindraf may have been subdued before but it certainly was not a spent force.
Like it or not Hindraf is very much alive within the hearts of every Malaysian Indian in this country.
Armed with this mandate, Hindraf most certainly has the moral right to speak on behalf of the marginalised Indians in Malaysia.
So what is this Hindraf message? Hindraf requests Indian representation and not Indian representatives.
Throughout these nationwide tours, the Indian Malaysians have been giving a resounding ‘yes' to Hindraf to be given the mandate to speak on their behalf to voice their critical issues to the federal government and state governments of Malaysia.
The message is loud and clear.
Indian Malaysians want comprehensive changes and not just cosmetic changes to their critical issues.
It is for this reason that Hindraf has chosen the path to be apolitical and to engage with all state governments as well as the federal governments to provide comprehensive solutions to the critical problems of Indian Malaysians.
Hindraf intends not to be mere Indian representatives but to become the marginalised Indians representation.
In fact Hindraf's vision is to be a primary comprehensive change agent in leading Malaysia towards the creation of a society based on equality, justice and freedom.
Hindraf's mission is to create an empowered civil society movement that strives to bring all the marginalised segments of Malaysian society into the mainstream of national development which includes a particular focus on the marginalised Indians.
Hindraf intends to contribute positively to changing the social values in Malaysian society so that institutionalised racism and religious supremacist policies is dismantled and may be completely eliminated.
Hindraf believes the British civil suit will be the foundation stone to bring about comprehensive changes in Malaysia the way how apartheid in South Africa was dismantled.
NONERecently the Hindraf Chairman had issued a letter requesting to call upon both Premier Najib Abdul Razak (right) as well as Anwar Ibrahim, the prime minister in waiting, to meet up separately, to discuss approaches to permanently addressing the socio-economic problems of the marginalised Indian Malaysians.
Below the power curve
Hindraf believes that all past and current approaches fall well below the power curve needed to resolve the problem permanently.
A permanent solution and the mechanics to arriving at the solution lies in the Hindraf request of Indian representation and not Indian representatives, and proper definition of the problem, something which has eluded policy makers and problem solvers till date.
First and foremost a prerequisite political will needs to be demonstrated followed by working out the details and modalities of the solution.
Considering that it has become very clear that Hindraf enjoys the support of the vast majority of the Indians in Malaysia, how much respect these leaders have towards the Indians and how genuine they are in resolving the problems of the Indian community remains to be seen in how these leaders are going to respond to this Hindraf initiative.
If it needs be reminded, the Indians are the third largest voting race in Malaysia and have collectively around a one million voting strength.
From the 2010 Population census, Indians who are 21 years and above (voting age) comprise in percentage strength of 8 and statewise:
8.59% of Johor's population

10.89% of Kedah

15.55% of NS

12.69% of Perak

10.45% of Penang

13.92% of Selangor

10.55% of KL

These states hold 126 Parliamentary seats and 311 State assembly seats.

The predatory elites as always, will try to shade this pertinent fact.
NONENajib must realise that BN's support is dwindling by the day.
Even the Malays are slowly ditching their traditional support towards Umno.
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim (left) must realise that Pakatan is not an official coalition as far as the EC is concerned and as such a simple majority will not be enough to ensure victory.
Moreover Pakatan itself alleges it may be facing unfair tactics like postal voters, tainted electoral rolls, foreigners as voters, abuse of government machinery, money politics, and even a biased Election Commission, to say the least.
It can even be imagined that some of Pakatan's selected candidates may not even turn up on nomination day.
Therefore for both parties, every race and every vote has to be accorded with equal respect.

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