Is BN a cruel government?

What kind of leaders do we have? The way they conduct themselves reflects a lowly mental capacity for logic and common-sense. They have no tolerance for different opinions and independence of thoughts. When a leader says "charge!", the rest will follow suit, not knowing what it is all about. Vengeance is in their mind and soul. Never mind the consequences, especially if their targets are perceived to be the "opposition".

They couldn't differentiate between the truly brutal from the innocent.

All of us could see that the girl is an innocent soul and an accidental participant who did what all the young would do in a charged atmosphere of togetherness. They did not commit any crime that maimed, brutalised, injured, or endangered any lives. They did not premeditate their acts which all could see were mostly impromptu.

The main purpose of the gathering on Merdeka eve around the Dataran was to celebrate the countdown and to display their patriotism and love for the nation. It doesn't meant that if a gathering is organised by non-UMNO people, it should be rendered unpatriotic and anti-national, as some people are wont to think so.

Taking harsh action against an innocent girl who has the good sense to apologise for her action deemed by some people as "being public nuisances and intentionally causing insult with intent to provoke a breach of the public peace" is unwarranted.

Why was action not take against those adults who planned and conducted sinister acts against political parties and individuals who do not share similar views with UMNO? Why was Hisham lenient with agents provocateur who marched with a cow head in protest of matters relating to a Hindu temple? Why was no action taken against people who asked that a social activist be hanged for her stand? Why was justice not served on the one thousand and one acts carried out to divide and antagonise the people? Utusan, trolls and the likes of the 'Chinese who thinks he is more Malay than a Malay', etc., come to mind.

There is no sense of fairness so much so that high-handedness has become the habit of the government.

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