JOHOR DINNER: Jui Meng slams Hisham - are you saying Anwar & PKR are 'open game' for BN thugs?

Written by  Stan Lee, Malaysia Chronicle
Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim became the target of yet another attack by Umno-BN supporters, frantic that the PKR de-facto chief and his Pakatan Rakyat team were in town to attend the state largest ever outdoor dinner.
But Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein has refused to guarantee the safety of the Pakatan Rakyat de-facto head or his PKR team, shocking the nation with his "callous" remarks.
"No need for guarantees. It is decided by the people of Johor themselves. I think PKR knows this and can judge for itself from what is happening there," he was reported as saying by Malaysiakini during a Hari Raya function.

Open invitation to get Anwar?
Overzealous BN supporters had caught the 64-year-old Anwar whilst he was in the middle of his prayers. A motorcyclist threw red paint at the PKR's double-decker bus.
This is the third time the bus has been splashed with red paint in an apparent bid to demoralize and stop Anwar from touring the nation to reach out to voters ahead of general elections widely expected to be held later this year.
"It is the most callous thing to say. How can the Home Minister who is in charge of the police say such things. With this type of attitude, no wonder crime is rising in this country," PKR vice president and Johor chief Chua Jui Meng told Malaysia Chronicle.
"How can a responsible man decide against helping or ignoring the physical safety of another man just because he is of a different political affiliation. I am very disappointed in Hisham. Only a gangster with a motive to see Anwar disadvantaged or is afraid of him would say such things. Hisham might as well as announce to all the rowdies and ruffians out there - Anwar is open game. Go ahead, we the authorities will close an eye. Malaysians must condemn this."

Will hooligans move in on 800-table mega dinner tonight
During Friday's attack, there were no violent gangs perhaps due to the high publicity attracted by Anwar's Johor trip. All eyes have been trained on Johor as it is the Umno-BN's fortress which they have vowed to defend at all costs.
"We are thankful no one was hurt and this incident was mild compared to Malacca and Kota Bharu. We hope there won't be any more outbreaks of violence," said Jui Meng.
"Certainly if the Umno is thinking of reserving all their fire and pepper for tonight's dinner, then they should think twice. The police too had better respond fairly and neutrally if anyone tries create a ruckus tonight. Johor voters are watching. They won't take kindly to this sort of rowdy behavior."

Happy Sept 16
Jui Meng was referring to a fundraising dinner at the Sutera Mall car park slated for 8pm tonight. A staggering 800 tables have been planned and fully snapped by supporters.
The PKR dinner will be largest ever organized in Johor and top Pakatan 'stars' are due to speak at the function. Apart from Anwar, PKR president Wan Azizah, Selangor MB Khalid Ibrahim, Batu MP Tian Chua, PAS deputy president Mat Sabu, PAS vice president Salahuddin Ayob and DAP state chief Boo Cheng Hau will be taking to the podium tonight.
"This is a dinner for all Malaysians and it is very special because on Sunday, it is September 16 Malaysia Day. Those who come tonight will be shocked to see the racial lines blurred until no one notices whether it is a Chinese, Malay or Indian crowd. Everything from food, to speeches to entertainment is Malaysian," said Jui Meng.
"This is the opportunity for Johor to show the way to all of Malaysia that it is not an Umno state or an MCA state. For us at Pakatan, there is no such thing. Wrongdoing is wrong regardless of color. All benefits and wealth to be shared equally with priority to the poor and needy. This is the spirit of Malaysia Day and Johor is proud to celebrate it with an outstanding record size dinner."

BN on the run: Mega dinner in Johor, exodus in Sabah, Declaration in S'wak
Indeed, Pakatan leaders are due to fly to East Malaysia on Saturday, where another Sabah Umno leader is due to quit to join the fight for change in the poverty-stricken state.
At Tuaran later in the night, Anwar and team will celebrate with a countdown to Malaysia Day. On Sunday, they will be in Kuching, Sarawak to sign a landmark Kuching Declaration, the details of which are still under wraps but Pakatan leaders say will "take the nation by surprise".
Meanwhile, PKR members are preparing to lodge a police report into this morning's incident. The bus was attacked outside a mosque in Tangkak, Johor. It was splashed with red paint and its windscreen smashed in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, on the very first day day of its nationwide tour which began on Aug 31. A week later it was hit again by red paint in Jasin, Malacca, on Sept 8.
Motor-bike gangs have also been circling the PKR headquarters in the past few weeks, while a similar spate of attacks on the new Penang DAP headquarters and several service centres took place this morning.
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