McD's burger used to silence ISA detainees?

Internal Security Act detainees were bribed with McDonald’s burgers in a bid to stop them from revealing the tortures they had endured in detention to officials from the Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM), said a former detainee.

Mohamad Fadzullah Abd Razak, speaking a forum organised by Abolish ISA movement (GMI), said detainees had been threatened not to give any detail of the tortures they had suffered to visiting SUHAKAM officials.

“When SUHAKAM wanted to come, they bought McD's burger for the detainees. When SUHAKAM (officers) sat in front of the detainees, the police at the back would observe to see who dared to act as whistleblowers,” said Fadzullah, a former ISA detainee.

“I bought a burger for you. I tortured you, then I bought you a burger so that you could say good things about us. What? Do they think we can be bought by a piece of burger?” he aske(left) said among those who had been tortured were religious scholars and Qur'an teachers. Some in their desperation had even attempted suicide.

GMI president Syed Ibrahim Syed Noh meanwhile questioned why the BN government was still dragging its feet on releasing all ISA detainees even after the introduction of Security Offences (Special Measures) Act 2012 (SOSM) to replace the draconian law.

“What is the government’s logic to continue keeping detainees under the irrelevant act,” he asked.
Syed Ibrahim also slammed UMNO-owned daily New Straits Times for suggesting that alleged human traffickers freed from Kamunting were laying the groundwork for the resumption of their underground activities.

He said the paper was trying to justify the continuation of ISA although those detained had never been tried in court to prove the allegations against them.


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