Never mind Suaram, who is funding Perkasa?

11:05AM Sep 17, 2012  
YOURSAY 'Perkasa wants to know who funded Suaram, but appears not the least bit interested in knowing who funded the lifestyles of so many BN politicians.'

Perkasa: Suaram funders also behind LGBT programmes

your sayWanderer: Perkasa information chief Ruslan Kasim, what Suaram did was commendable and productive. Isn't that far better than the Umno-BN administration lying their heads off just to frame an opposition leader?

Get your priorities right and stop lying to Allah.

Giudice: Perkasa wants to know who funded Suaram, but appears not the least bit interested in knowing who funded the ridiculous lifestyles of so many BN politicians. How very convenient. It makes one wonder who is funding Perkasa, no?

Bootsie: The big picture is corruption, scandals, sex and murder on a national scale, which Perkasa doesn't want to discuss, but would rather evade the issue by picking on honourable organisations like Suaram.

Why don't they charge private investigator P Balasubramanaim for making a false SD (statutory declaration), which is perjury and a serious offence? They are scared that if they do, the truth about the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder will come out in court.

Ruslan, go jump in the lake - the Malays are not as stupid as you think they are. They know that you are a ‘kaki bodek' and ‘batu api'.

Hplooi: This is because Suaram initiated the French inquiry on the Scorpene scandal, so it has to be silenced at all cost. C'est seulement, c'est tout!

Mutaka Kataka: Perkasa's Ruslan Kasim just barks, barks and barks. Why not bark at PM Najib Razak and ask him where RM520 million of the rakyat's money - the so-called administrative cost of the Scorpene submarines - has gone?

Fatimah17010268: It's very good of Perkasa to keep the issue alive on who ordered the gruesome C4 murder of the poor and allegedly pregnant Mongolian translator Altantuya.

Yes, it will be good to find out where the funds came from to pay the murderers. It cannot be currency speculator George Soros.

He is a philanthropist who donates his own money to many good causes, and he has no reason to murder the Mongolian.

Anonymous_4458: The louder Perkasa screams, the more I doubt they even believe in Allah, otherwise they wouldn't dare do what they do.

Why hound Suaram about their funding, and where does Perkasa get its own funding? And since murder is against Islam, why aren't they concerned why the two police officers murdered a woman they never met?

While the courts are not interested in their motive for some twisted reason, and no judiciary in the world other than in Malaysia can answer that, aren't the Malays that Perkasa claims to fight for, concerned at all?

Or is there something more to it? That's call deceit and lying, Perkasa, and it's against Islam.

I suggest you spend more time begging for forgiveness rather than complaining about things that do not seem to do anything for your mission of ‘empowering' the Malays. So far, you only seem concerned with empowering Umno.

Cocomomo: Why, Perkasa, do you pick on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transsexual community) who constitute a minority in this country?

I may not agree with their practices, which may not be in line with my faith and beliefs but that is something for them to deal with when they meet the creator. What about those who are causing the nation harm through corruption, plundering and injustice?

O hypocrite, should not the truth about the Scorpene controversy be more important as it impacts both our PM and the reputation of the country?

If it is investigated and the PM is cleared, great; we would not be embarrassed when foreigners ask us why we have tainted leaders. If it is proven not true, that is good for all of us, especially the PM.

Odin: Apostasy again? For months, former PAS leader Hasan Ali has been at it, but has totally failed to produce even one case, although he has claimed that tens of thousands have been involved. All he has managed is to produce two fake videos to incriminate Christians.

Free sex? Gee! I doubt Ruslan even knows what free sex is all about. And he's talking about LGBT practices being against Islam.

I refer him to Commandment no 5: As for the thief, male or female, cut off his or her hands (Do not steal), (5:38 - 39); no 6: They invoke a curse of God if they lie, (24:7). Hide not the testimony (2:283); no 8: Do not come near adultery. It is an indecent deed and a way for other evils. (17:32); and no 9: Do good to your parents, relatives and neighbours. (4:36).

These have been, and are, being broken by his paymasters, and what has he said about it?

Oh, let me educate him with regard to the meaning of ‘neighbours' - it means your fellow men and not just those who live next door.

Whatsup: Ruslan Kasim, tell us what your stand is on Umno's perversion of justice at all levels and the harassment of the opposition?

The LGBTs are so much better and more righteous than all of Umno-BN and its equally evil NGOs - Perkasa, etc - that only do the biddings of the ‘devils'.

Umno and all of its chain gang are the filthiest and most inhuman. And yet you all clamour to show how pious and religious you are, albeit in the process, humiliating your own race and religion.

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