PERKASA tarnishes the Image of its UMNO Patron

PERKASA tarnishes the Image of its UMNO Patron by Malay rights pressure group PERKASA has claimed victory in preventing PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim from delivering a ‘political speech’ at a mosque in Bakar Bata, Alor Setar yesterday. Perkasa disrupts Anwar in Alor Setar. 

Perkasa disrupts Anwar in Alor Setar
PERKASA’s Kota Setar branch head Jamaludin Hashim said the movement did not want to allow Anwar to deliver the tazkirah in a mosque as he was not accredited to do so.

 “If it was PAS President Abdul Hadi Awang who wished to present the tazkirah, PERKASA would have had no objections because he is accredited,” he reportedly told Sinar Harian. 

“Kota Setar PERKASA wishes to stress that we will not allow Anwar to present thetazkirah, but we will not stop him from entering the mosque for prayers.” 

PKR Vice-President N Surendran, who had been present during the incident, said some 100 PERKASA members had turned up outside the mosque about 7.45pm yesterday during the maghrib prayers. 
Perkasa Gangsterism rears its ugly head Surendran claimed that they had screamed obscenities and shouted for Anwar to leave, while PKR’s Kuantan MP Fuziah Salleh tweeted that a shoe had been thrown into the mosque. 

This was the second incident since Anwar began his four-day Northern Peninsula tour in the run- up to the next general election. PKR’s campaign bus had its windscreen smashed and splashed with red pain early Saturday morning during a stop at Kota Baru.

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