'So some protests are indeed part of Malaysian culture and some protests are not part of Malaysian culture?'

YOURSAY ‘Oh silly me, there are two laws in Malaysia. Umno can protest but not Pakatan or us, the rakyat.'

Rival parties protest against anti-Muslim video 

your sayFairnessforall: "We are in solidarity with our brothers in PAS protesting this as it has nothing to do with politics, but a desecration of Islam and Prophet Muhammad. We would do the same if this happens to other religion," said Umno Youth chief Khairy Jamaluddin.

Khairy, stop lying, where were you when Perkasa goons insulted Hinduism, you forgot the cow-head incident? And where were you when Perkasa goons insulted the Christians?

The problem is that you want people to defend Islam but you don't bother to defend other religions.

Dood: I thought Umno said protests are not Malaysian culture? I'm waiting for PM Najib Abdul Razak to condemn Khairy and his Umno Youth for displaying anti-Malaysian behaviour. Was Najib's earlier condemnation of protests sincere?

APA INI?: It looks like there's some sort of competition for 'Best Muslim of the Year' for he who protests loudest. In the end, it is Allah's judgement when He checks against your personal records.

NewMalaysia: So Khairy, money politics and corruption are acceptable to you as a Muslim? Shouldn't you also protest against these and request all the politicians to mandatorily declare their assets?

Boiling Mud: The focus of the demonstration in front of the US Embassy this afternoon was to protest against the anti-Islam low-budget movie made in the US.

Khairy should know better to stay focused on the objective of the demonstration rather than take the opportunity to score cheap brownie points by instigating PAS to leave the Pakatan Rakyat alliance.

And by the way, I was waiting patiently in my car in the traffic jam for the demonstration to end. Honest to my God, I did not see 'many people of various races' that Khairy claimed to have brought along.

KJ, in spite of the over-hyped education you supposedly have, I think you are not only academically inept for not being able to focus on the core issue.

You are also a liar to have claimed ‘many people of various races' were there with you. Isn't it a sin against God on the Holy Day of the week to lie through the teeth? No?

Wayan: Politicians are opportunist. They just can't resist talking about politics even when out there to protest the desecration of a religion. Must score a point against DAP, otherwise it just won't be a perfect day.

Lucia: Where are the water cannon and tear gas? I thought our PM said street demonstrations are not our culture? Oh silly me, there are two two laws in Malaysia.

Umno can protest but not Pakatan or us rakyat. Umno jumped up because of Islam but Umno never ever defends other religions.

Vgeorgemy: We do share the pain inflicted by the anti-Islam film clip produced by ultra right-wing elements in the United States. Let's join in condemning all types of threats from the right-wing racist elements within and outside the country.

Dswami: The key words are "tolerance" and "respect", unfortunately it is one-way street. Only when it is reciprocated will all these actions cease.

Dingy: Let this anti-Islam film protest rally be the precedent for future rallies as long as it is about religion, be it Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism or others.

This gathering is not against the Peaceful Assembly Act. Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein should get this law amended since he allowed this gathering in which Khairy failed to get a police permit 10 days in advance of the event.

Timothy: Khairy, are you sure you mean you will also do the same (stand up) for Christians?

Just on the local front, where were you and your guys when the hundreds of Al-Kitab were 'lock up' and desecrated before finally reluctantly released? This is the most Holy Book for the Christians.Jangan lah cakap senang bersandiwara saja.

Odin: Khairy, you would do the same if this happens to other religions? Yeah, sure.

The cow-head thing, the illegal demolition of Hindu temples, the false incriminating of Christians, etc, clearly prove that you indeed would.

By the way, thank you for your massive demonstration recently to condemn the act of that Muslim cleric who purposely burned pages from the Quran to incriminate a retarded Christian girl. His Islam and yours are the same.

Ren Ai: Any complaints from the group of petty traders? Kuala Lumpur was hit by traffic jams again. - Malaysiakini

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