SOLIDARITI Anak Muda Sabah (SAMS) had to postpone indefinitely the earlier planned Tawau Forum titled "Talk to our Leaders - What is the best way to develop Tawau?” to date yet to be confirmed.

According to Organising Chairperson Jan Chow, “We’ve done all that we can within our power to accommodate them - we have compromised on the date, and we have even changed the originally planned debate format to a Forum, all for their convenience. And yet they still hide behind their pride and fear.”
“One politician even showed deep interest to participate but was stopped by his own party. Respective leaders should be able to make their own decisions, and should be daring enough to express their interest. If they cannot even exercise their own right due to restrictions placed by their own party, what does this mean for the Rakyat who will vote for them? What are our chances to claim our rights through them?” She continueted.
SAMS would like to remind all politicians that the younger generation is no longer as complacent as the younger generation was 20 or even 10 years ago. Our youths are are growing up, and better educated in voters rights. If politicians refuse to improve, they may be replaced. If politicians do not have eyes to see, SAMS implores them to listen.
“If you can’t hear us, feel it! Change is knocking at your door!” asserts Jan.
Malaysia is a beautiful country. It has abundant natural resources. It has a blessed geographical location. There is no reason for poverty! This is the land we call home, this is a country we are proud of. All we need is people who start thinking what they could do to change the situation. Look at US, depending on political to bring change is the dumbest idea. How can the country benefit from your skill? If you see problems, solve them! If you do not know how, find the solutions! If you cannot do it alone, let us do it together!” 

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