Violence is okay, stepping on PM's picture a NO-NO in Malaysia?

Violence okay, stepping on PM's picture a NO-NO?
PAS Youth has questioned the zeal in which the police acted against those who stepped on the pictures of prime minister Najib Razak and his wife, while remaining silent at more serious provocations and threats against Pakatan Rakyat leaders.
Its vice-leader Dr Raja Ahmad al-Hiss slammed Kuala Lumpur police chief Mohamad Salleh's denial that the police practised selective prosecution when it arrested students who showed disrespect to Najib during the Janji Demokrasi gathering on the eve of Merdeka.
Raja Ahmad pointed out that there had been many police reports lodged over corruption, lies, threats and public misbehaviour committed by Barisan Nasional leaders.
"Have the police acted in similar speed and shown the same agressiveness in following up these reports as they have shown in the picture-stepping incident?" he asked.
He reminded that desecration of leaders' portraits had also targeted opposition leaders, including in one incident in which pro-UMNO protesters urinated on a picture of PAS Murshidul Am and Kelantan Menteri Besar Tuan Guru Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat.
"What is the police's action then?" asked Raja Ahmad.
Similarly, he said the attack by Perkasa members on a mosque in Alor Setar attended by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim last Sunday, as well as the arson attack on the homes of Johor PAS leaders Mazlan Aliman and Dzulkifli Ahmad earlier this year, were ignored by the authorities.
"Let the public witness how far the police are being transparent and non-biased in their investigations," added Raja Ahmad.

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