With so many straight As, why need for blueprint?

YOURSAY 'In Malaysia, quality education equals to scoring many As in the SPM - never mind if the pass mark is 20 percent, and 40 percent will get you an A.'

Parent group: No oomph in education blueprint 

Dr Chin Tu Lan: This is another half-cooked blueprint which does not cater for the needs of all Malaysians with different cultural, religious and ethics background. We want Mathematics and Science in English.

The blueprint also lacks soft infrastructure to improve the teaching capability of school teachers in Malaysia.

It's a sad day for Malaysia. I think the deputy prime minister is not capable to be education minister. Mr PM, please sack him before more damage is done to our education system in Malaysia.

Wira: "South Korea spends 50 percent of its education budget to teaching Mathematics and Science in English," said Parent Action Group for Education (Page) chairperson Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim.

No wonder the South Koreans are so formidable in scientific and consumer innovations now, even leap frogging the Japanese in the latter's market. It looks like we are only interested in the jaguh kampung (village hero) market.

In Malaysia, quality education equals to scoring many As in the SPM - never mind if the pass mark is 20 percent, and 40 percent will get you an A.

Foodforthought: Put is bluntly, this is just another insincere election stunt by this incompetent government.

And along with this question, how much was the Korean (former education minister Byong-Man Ahn) paid to make his 'envious statement'?

ThisLandIsMine: But will the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English result in students mastering the three subjects in one go? Many of those who studied Mathematics and Science in non-English are successful today.

Mathematics and Science should be taught in the language that is understood by students. Teaching them in English will result in failure in Mathematics, Science and English.

Scientist: If you have a big complicated stuff to figure out, you break it into small and simpler pieces and figure them out one by one. Conversely, if you mingle small and simple stuffs together, you make things complicated to figure out.

Learning English and learning Maths and Science are two distinct and independent processes. How is learning Maths and Science in English supposed to be more efficient than learning them separately?

Pemerhati: To do well in this technological world the country has to use all its people who have the necessary ability and brainpower.

But the BN's racist policies do not allow it to do that and consequently even the best education system in the world will not result in any significant improvement in obtaining high quality graduates.

So far BN has been fooling the public by lowering the standards and producing a large number of people with a string of As and then making them take up the easy matriculation course so as to admit them into the universities through the backdoor and then granting degrees to a lot of sub-standard students.

The simplest and easiest way to select the best people to enter the universities and produce quality graduates is by making all the students sit for a common entrance exam.

But the racist Umno and the equally racist BTN-indoctrinated public servants are unlikely to act along these lines because it would reduce the Malay intake into the universities.

Blind Freddo: Maybe Malaysia sits at the bottom third of Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa) rankings because of the actions of parents and religion in crushing Malaysian children's ability to think logically and to question.

Then they are handed over to teachers who grew up as non-thinkers themselves. An excellent formula for failure.

Anonymous #13291217: The government should consider installing air conditioners in all classrooms, including the staff rooms. Only then will you see productivity and better results amongst our students and teachers.

Disbeliever: There is no need for a blueprint. What the government and the Education Ministry are resorting to is re-branding; that's like engaging an international advertising agency to do the job.

Why is there a need for blueprint? Is it an acknowledgement that our education system is a failure? Only two things need to be done to ensure our students are able to complete globally.

First, allow PPSMI (Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English) to continue. The second issue requires a mammoth move that would probably trample the whole assessment grades of the Malaysian Examination Syndicate.

Look at the grades of our public exams - they get better each year and more students score straight As. Is the Examination Syndicate willing to face reality and grade the public exams according to merit?

In short, do not give out 'A' grade as if it was the PM giving out the BR1M. Yes, there are students who deserve straight As, but then again there are more who do not deserve them.

Anonymous #18452573: The matter of our poor standard of education is not because of the system or implementation, but because of the implementor. When we change the implementor, then the standard of our education will drastically improve.

Who is the current implementor? It has been Umno-BN for the last 55 years. This equates to giving a poor quality government in BN an additional term and expecting different results after 55 years of the same thing.

Najib will forever be known as the repackager of same policies to pull the wool over gullible rakyat.

Q..!: My son's English teacher requested me to speak in Bahasa Malaysia since he could not understand what I was asking him in English. He was teaching Form 2 in the city. Do I need to say more of our education system? 

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