BERSIH 3.0 had united all walks of Malaysians

May 7, 2012
What has Bersih 3.0 showed us?  Once again, when it comes to the crux, Malaysians stand tall, defending the truth. In spite of all the gassing, beatings, and whatnots, all those who took part in Bersih will come away with greater resolve – that we can only live in the light.

That we can only lead a life where there’s justice, equality and love. Love for your fellow men. Saw how fellow Malaysians cared for each other during Bersih? How they shared salt, water, towels and tears? Where colour and creed didn’t matter?

Where no one asked if you were a Muslim, Buddhist , Hindu or Christian, etc. before automatically giving a helping hand? And who’s that hero who laid, face-down on the road to prevent the truck from going forward to spray the chemical-laced water on his fellow Malaysians? Such great courage and faith! Fantastic!

Though it brings me to tears watching all those video clips, I’ve never felt more proud of my fellow Malaysians. Yet, there are dopes that tell us that when we help someone of a different faith, we are proselytising. Yet, when all we want is clean and fair elections, we are commies.

Yet, when all we want is to be able to live democratically, rightfully as enshrined in our constitution, we are libeled as taking part in a coup, an attempt to overthrow the government. Yet, when you trample us and have us trapped, we have no right to defend ourselves or our dignity?

Malaysia Boleh? Of course, Malaysia Boleh-lah! True Malaysians must stand up to be counted and not trampled! If we cannot even fight for our basic rights to live like a decent human being in our own country, how can we defend ourselves from others when the need arises? Charity must begin at home, right?

Since 428, many detractors have spewed obscenities, lies, intimidations, etc, like there’s no more sane people left in Malaysia. And, to think, all these coming from those who led the country in one capacity or another, not too long ago. Frightening, no? Disgusting, even? I thought one should age gracefully. I thought that we should make our peace before we go. I thought there was a God.

For the life of me, I can’t imagine why there are Malaysians that don’t want the best for the country. We are supposed to be united, in spite of our diversity. That was the ultimate aim of living in such a multicultural scenario. We are supposed to be richer because of the different ways and things we can bring to each other. We have a larger “gene pool”, so to speak. Shouldn’t we be better equipped to survive?

How can one think himself a patriot if all he wants to see is a divided nation? How can one see himself as a patriot if he’s trying to cause Malaysia to backslide to those years when incarcerating our true patriots using draconian laws was justified? How can one consider himself a patriot if all he cares is to see that his own interests are still protected while the rest of Malaysia can languish? Is he Malaysian, or not?

We are supposed to be heading towards 2020, the year we become a developed nation. Developed in what sense? We will not just be bankrupted where resources are concerned. If we allow ourselves to be intimidated by these enemies of the state masquerading as patriots, we will really, then, be bankrupted in dignity and humanity. And what’s there left?

The truth is – we Malaysians, the majority, are good people. Just because some people are silent, don’t mean they are pushovers. We have to try to understand their position and circumstances. Like I said before, when it comes to the crux, Malaysians will stand tall. No one out there is disputing the inherent rights of their fellow Malaysians.

It isn’t the ordinary Malaysian who’s hijacking the constitution. We, the rakyat just want to return to the status quo, long abused for the benefit of those enemies of the state. We, the rakyat are the patriots, not the enemies of the state. For, after all, what we want is the best for our country and fellow Malaysians. We are not fighting for just our families or cronies, this is a fight for justice, for all.

We didn’t start a “fight” in the first place. We have proven, time and again, we can rally peacefully. We rally peacefully for our constitutional right to fair and free elections. Rally peacefully -  how on earth did that translate to a coup to overthrow the government?

A family outing, a time of camaraderie for youths and senior citizens alike, and you call that a coup? Come on, don’t take us for fools! I’ve been there. Bersih is beautiful. Bersih is peaceful. Bersih is truly patriotic. Bersih is Bersih, clean and fair. In fact, Bersih is Malaysia, truly Malaysia. Mana mau cari?

All those ugly statements coming from all those vile people, are the prelude to something sinister. I feel sad that there’s not an iota of truth coming from the powers-that-be. Are they not capable of living in the light?

And, what’s the truth again? Fortunate are those persecuted for the cause of justice, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.  Mind you, heaven is not a palace in the sky! Not something that comes as a reward after your death.

For those of you righteous one, you have already been admitted into heaven, in my opinion. For you live, knowing the truth and fighting for it. For you live, knowing you can make a difference to someone else’s life. For you live, knowing you have shown compassion and love to your fellow men.

In a big dark room, no matter how small you are, when you are the light, you just shine forth and show the way. For the Lord say, “I will not relieve you of your load but by placing my yoke on you, I give you the means of carrying my load.” Believe me, you are truly blessed!

And, for those of you who bring darkness and despair, you are already in a living hell. For, you have to watch your back all the time. For, you have to cause chaos in order to gain control. For you give your “brothers and sisters” no hope. The truth is out there for all to see. God bless!

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