Malaysia is suffering due to Mahathir's sin

Stop it, Dr M: And to think we used to like you! How could we have been so blinkered?
Reading Tun Mahathir Mohamad’s statements and viewpoints in his blog and in the controlled media makes you really wonder what has got into this man’s soul. What exactly is this man’s nightmare?
His latest avalanche of attacks aimed at discrediting leaders within the opposition block makes one feel so sick, wanting to scream “why can you not do something worthwhile for peace loving citizens who are determined to put the nation back on the rails of democracy and justice that can bring real progress for all Malaysians and not just to benefit some cronies and proxies?”
Tun, even your own daughter Marina Mahathir smells like a white lily as she expresses her beliefs untainted like you. She is so balanced in her opinions and so full of compassion for the rakyat.
What has really got into you? Do you think Malaysians are cursed fools who need to be controlled, whipped and blinkered all their lives?
Do you think you are the only right-thinking, able homo sapiens for Malaysia eternally? If no, well at least that is how you come across for millions of Malaysians lately.
If the rakyat are a violent lot, what about you?
In the first place, if your anointed leader Najib had allowed the people to gather peacefully at Dataran Merdeka and leave by the appointed and agreed timeline, and if they people had backtracked on the agreement, you can say Malaysians are violent.
But despite all the hurdles and intimidations thrown in the path of citizens, they still came with flowers, slogans and chants peacefully sitting on the hard tarmac for hours under the blazing sun.
With so many armed and muscled police on duty what is so difficult to overpower some 30 or fifty empty-handed and so-claimed charging individuals? So why did the police go all over the streets and alleys and lambast their powers on innocent tens of thousands wanting to leave and go away from the scene?
And you dare say that Malaysians are a violent lot? What violence did the media guys and gals commit that warranted brutal attacks on them and damaging of their tools? But you are completely silent about this, why?
The people of Malaysia who are becoming disillusioned with you and your thoughts and words is increasing by the hundreds of thousands daily in the warongs, corporate corridors and we dare say even within your mangled and manipulated UMNO that you recreated. What have you got to say about this?
Malaysians would choose Nik Aziz over you any day
And mind you at every election date you have never stopped attacking the spiritual leader Tok Guru. In the naïve past we believed your deceitful thoughts as pristine wisdom. We were so vulnerable to your Machiavellian ideologies and obsessed priorities. But thank God for the new media, we witness today beyond doubt the glorious heart of this humble leader of PAS.
What are you hoping for? That by your attacking this noble and humble leader Tok Guru, we Malaysians will fall again in your trap and dump this unsoiled and inspiring icon of Islam and a man who lives a life that also does not desecrate the faith, hope and charity of all other faiths?
Indeed if we put you and the Tok Guru out at Dataran Merdeka, almost all Malaysians will gather before the learned and humble PAS leader, leaving you with a handful of beneficiaries. Are you game to sink to this low-level test of all times then?
Respect is earned, not given. Please Tun Dr Mahathir, in your vintage years with death knocking so close on your doorway, why don’t you say and think of hope, love, compassion, faith, charity and goodness for all Malaysians?
If you cannot do all these for all Malaysians at least do it for your son whom you dream will one day be the next ‘Mahathir of Malaysia’.
The people will no longer tolerate your selective memory
As a former leader, a statesman, don’t you realize that you have failed all Malaysians with your caustic and abrasive remarks about anyone who does not support your UMNO-of-the-Mahathri version? Do you not realize that you are ripping off this nation to shreds with race-based and religious divisiveness?
And for the records Tun what have you said so far about the C4 of the Mongolian pregnant girl? What have you uttered about the arms purchase? What about the cow-gate, the anak-gate, the timber-gate, and the so many gate-strories that is flooding our pathways of progress?
What have you got to say about the Auditor General's Annual Report Card on the country's health and mismanagement?
But when it comes to knocking the daylights of hope and love of all concerned Malaysians for a free, fair and clean electoral roll; blasting away the very aspirations of Malaysians to witness a more credible judiciary - you come out tops. Why? What has got into you?
Either sick or vile
There is only one conclusion: Either you are very sick up in the head or indeed you are a very vile man. Well that is what people are sharing about you in the teh-tarik sessions and bottle-and-rum runs.
And either way, it leads us to another question whose answer is sure to surface after your demise. And the question is: What is it you are fearing most - the death of your UMNO-of-the-Mahathir version or that the law will finally catch up with all the sins of the past? Or both?
Now let us also see how many of the main stream media will have the honest courage to put this Letter up as much as they are prepared to repeat your word for word in their pages and airtime.

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