Pro-Umno and BN terrorists based violent protests, Malaysian Police sleeping!!!

We were gravely disappointed with the recent violent protests recently which centered around the residence of Bersih chairman Datuk S.Ambiga, the official residence of Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and the Penang state government's complex (Komtar).

What we all knew are all these violent protests are being systematically staged by the pro-Umno and BN groups, particularly Perkasa and other Umno-inspired NGOs. The situation during these protests seems to be very violent, coupled with name calling, cursing the victims and their family members, urging everyone to hate and to blame them for whatever grouses or grievances they had and so on.

Apart from that Perkasa members were also seen issuing death threats to the Penang Chief Minister by putting death signs onto his official residence gates, fence and roadsides. These Perkasa members are also seen doing the same when they held their protests outside Komtar. In the end, what they did? Rubbish are being simply thrown about and a number of vandalism are reported in these two areas after the protests.

Same goes to Ambiga's residence, apart from selling the so-called "burgers" around the area, they also created traffic jams, shouting and yelling at people and other passerby shouting racist slogans, cursing the public and leaving a lots of rubbish in the said area in the end of the day.

So, what did the police do? Yes, they were called in but what they did? These police personnel did nothing and they all just stood there watching the fun. Asides, no arrest were also made on these Perkasa protesters who are seen to be very violent, disrupting the peace and threatening the public order. Why?

Is the police supporting such unruly and violent behaviours as well as vandalism or were they acting on directives from certain ruling elites? For instance, we also note that the police had also assisted the Perkasa violent protesters by escorting them marching from Guan Eng's residence to Komtar, thus allowing the traffic flow to be disrupted in many ways.

The other thing was, Perkasa is now resorting their "revenge" on the family members of Datuk Ambiga and Guan Eng. This is considered a blatant harassment, threat, intimidation and invasion of privacy, and yet the police were just saying that "every party has their right to comment and voice their opinions". What the Penang police chief DCP Ayub Yaakob means was, these Perkasa protesters are even allowed to show demonstrate their violence and issue threats onto the family members if they were unable to "reach" Datuk Ambiga or Guan Eng directly?

Come on DCP Ayub and the rest of the police top officials! You are all simply being unjust to the other side of the political divide. It clearly shows that the entire police force are on the Umno and Perkasa's side.

Just look at the recently concluded Bersih 3.0 rally. If the police and DBKL were to have allow the sit in protests inside Dataran Merdeka, then there will be no street protests anyway. If the police did not provoke the Bersih participants then there will be no retaliation from the people, if there are no police violence, the crowd wouldn't have split and ran into a mess which you called "unruly".

Why is the police only issuing photographs and nationwide arrests warrants, coupled with a threat of going to house-to-house police search and arrests onto only the Bersih participants? Why not do the same onto those life and public order threatening Perkasa and Umno youth members? These Perkasa and Umno youth members are equally threatening the public order and endangering the people as well if the police wanted to talk about the subject on "public order and the safety of the people".

If these top police officials are not aware of the real applications of the law, then let us all remind them: Datuk Ambiga, Guan Eng and their family members are all Malaysian citizens in accordance to the Federal Constitution and they all deserve equal and full protection of the law.

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