Najib’s education blueprint: Who are you kidding BN? 17 yrs to CORRECT 30 yrs of screw-ups?

Najib’s education blueprint: Who are you kidding BN? 17 yrs to CORRECT 30 yrs of screw-ups?
What do we make out of BN’s unstoppable screw-ups these days? The PM must be kidding when he said that the BN-led government was going to correct all the faults of the education system over a 17-year period.
This latest gimmick, the education blueprint is certainly drawing more flak than kudos. We got the BN to screw up the entire education system over these past 30-over years, and now hey presto here is Najib’s promise of cleaning up the mess in 17 years.
And even then, the many doubts raised by people seriously committed to education remain sidelined and ignored with impunity. And you call that an education blueprint set to empower citizens in just over 17 years?
Since when did Najib take over Education
In the first place why are you having politicians talk about education? Why are you having politicians to head education portfolios? And since when did the PM take over Muhiyuddin’s portfolio? But never mind - we know that there is a serious rift between them.
Now that they had the gall to propose a salvation plan for the nation’s ruined education pathway, should we not now take citizens’ or class action against this very BN-led leaders for having had pawned the nation’s knowledge capital?
One minute they shout and scream with drawn kris that they have the best education in the region; next you hear they have meticulously discovered a blueprint that will set the nation right on track.
One minute they scream with threats of “over our crushed bodies and broken bones” and now suddenly they proclaim that the era of “governments should know best” is over.
Our leaders must be thinking that all Malaysians are really succored fools.
Only GE13 can change the course of education in this country
For half a century the citizens left education in your laps BN and you could not get it on par with the rest of the shining stars in the world – despite the fact that the colonial masters left us with the world’s best systems.
But now you have the courage to say that you will do right all the wrongs over a 17-year period. Well, are Malaysians going to be fools all over again?
Let the GE-13 decide – and of course only if the playing field is kept level, which then leaves with another sour taste as the demands of civil society for clean and fair electoral systems is still drifting in the wild, barren hearts of the BN leaders.

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