Blind UMNO politics

By Saravanan

On the 13th of Feb, Mr Deepak Jaikishan requested Dr Mahathir to advice Najib to step down and give way to Muhyiddin Yassin to take over the PM's post. Malaysia has seen UMNO blindly passing the PM's post from Mahathir to Abdullah Badawi then to Najib and now there are calls within UMNO to pass it to Muhyddin in some sort of a musical chair game. Even though Malaysia is a secular country and consists of many races but the PM's post is being passed on from one UMNO leader to another like a relay baton without seeing any real change taking place. Is there anything in the Federal Constitution that states that only an UMNO president should become the PM and that the PM's post can be passed on from an UMNO President to his Deputy President with such relative ease ? The UMNO party is suppressing the Federal Constitution to suit to its own whims and fancies.

Supreme Muslim religious authorities in Malaysia should issue a Fatwa to deter and punish Muslim leaders who are practising racism and Malay supremacist policies in this country . Even Prophet Muhammad never condoned racism. In fact when a Jewish woman in Mecca, who used to throw garbage on his doorstep, fell sick, the Prophet visited her showing no signs of any racial discrimination.

Malaysia should stop racism and Malay supremacy policies of UMNO as it is making Malays not intelligent and it also against Prophet Muhammad's teachings. The government should allow Malays to comptete with other races fairly and on a level playing field. To defend Malay supremacy policies is unconstitutional. No one in this country is taking away Malay rights. It is only UMNO that is making the Malays fearful and creating an inferiority complex among them.

To have a better Malaysia, everyone should have equal rights. Every individual should be able to compete with one another equally to earn a better living for themselves. By implementing racist policies, Malaysia will never progress.  The quota system and other racist and supremacy policies should be abolished. This will make Malaysia more vibrant for the future of our children. UMNO also must adopt equal rights into their mindset.

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