by Wong Mun Chee 

Tarikhpembubaran parlimenNaturally, the election date remains anyone’s guess with speculation amidst the commentators, opposition politicians and the alternative media.    

This speculation has been going on since early 2012 and they are still pressing hard for the answer to this one million dollar question.   
Legally speaking, since the 12th parliamentary mandate expires on April 28, 2013, the Election Commission will be forced to hold an election within 60 days thereafter, thus being June 27, 2013      

I actually chose June 23, 2013, a Sunday, allowing many registered voters to make their way to polling booths at their convenience.    

There has been a lot of pressure by the opposition and the alternative media to call for an early election whether for political reasons or otherwise. As for the ruling government, they are maximizing the window period to dish out as much goodies it can to make it favorable to them whereas the opposition is only rushing it so that they can be in power.   

As a general public, two months or four months more is not going to make such drastic difference to their well being who is eventually going to rule as long as the voter will have all the opportunity to weigh the scale without being political about it but rather what efforts are being taken to address the woes of the community.

Surely we all acknowledge that the ruling government has been the devil whereas the opposition seems to be the darling boy of the future, yet whether it is the devil or the darling of tomorrow, what is the harm in waiting for another four months to gain as much as possible from these politicians to see whether their conviction is for the people’s will or their own political will.

As we all know, these politicians are only seen around when the election is around, otherwise the public per se becomes irrelevant during the tenure that they reign. These politicians whether it is BN/PR have a tendency and the ability to be the clairvoyant to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next year and then have the ability afterwards to explain why it did not happen.           

I am sure we are mature enough to understand that the politicians are rarely truthful in their objectives for the community but rather the result of the election and what power that comes with it.   

So, what is the rush for us the community for an election? Let the politicians dish out the goodies and make all the real promises that we can haunt them for if they are not able to fulfill it. Let’s squeeze them dry for once for the better bargain that we can get for our community; an opportunity that only arises once every five years when the election is around.

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