Najib is creating new May13 in Malaysia

A DAP leader claims that Najib's actions do more harm than good for the people.
GEORGE TOWN: A Selangor DAP leader claims that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s mistakes have reached an alarming level.

Former senator S Ramakrishnan said the latest was the closed door screening of Tanda Puteri to Felda settlers.

“By raising the spectra of May 13, all rational thinking had surely departed the BN political mind set.
“It’s not just reckless. It’s begging a spark to ignite a powder keg created by the BN,” said the head of Selangor DAP bureau for Ex-Plantation Workers and Urban Poor.

Tanda Putera reportedly contained a scene of a group of Chinese youths urinating on the flagpole bearing the Selangor flag of the then menteri besar’s residence and thus provoking the May 13 racial riots in 1969.

He questioned Najib’s reasoning for ordering its screening to 3,000 felda settlers without considering the consequences and the possible repercussions.

He said the BN government did not care on whether its action can harm the people and economy, or take the country backwards.

“The movie was screened to poison minds of targeted rural groups.

On Tamil movie Vishwaroopam, he said the home ministry had finally lifted the ban due to public pressure but not after “slaughtering the movie beyond recognition.”

The movie was banned on Jan 25 following complaints lodged by the Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and the Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (Permim).

Initially, Ramakrishnan said the Film Censorship Board made 12 cuts on the film.

But, he said dissatisfied Kimma and Permim lodged further complaints, resulting in the ministry setting up a special panel comprising the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and Censorship Board officers to review the film, focusing on religious and security aspects.

“The Home ministry made another 12 cuts and announced the lift on ban,” he said.

He pointed out that even in Indian state of Tamil Nadu, Vishwaroopam had resumed theatrical screening following a two-week ban after only seven cuts.

“But in Malaysia, the censor scissors were lavish, making 24 cuts. I understand that the film distributor Lotus Films don’t want to screen the movie now.” he said.

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