Hindraf blueprint is the central issue

From N Ganesan,

The recent exchanges that have been going on in the media is yet another important facet of Hindraf’s document “The 5 year Blueprint to bring the Indian poor and marginalised into the mainstream of national development”.

The detractors who want to erode support for the document have been hitting out at Hindraf by pointing to the various peripheral but contentious issues in or about Hindraf. The detractors span the entire Malaysian political spectrum, from the BN and Pakatan camps. They have their reasons to want to kill off support for the document.

What they all fail to realise is that they are really hitting at something which is fast becoming a central issue in the forthcoming 13th General Elections as far as the Malaysian Indian electorate is concerned. What they do not realise is that they are close to shooting themselves in the foot, should they persist.

Why this document is becoming a central issue is because of what it truly is. It is an artifact that contains a systematic and verbal expression of the yearnings and aspirations of the Indian poor and marginalised for justice, for rights, for dignity and for an even shot at life.

The energy of the 2007 November rebellion of the Indians on the streets of KL was an expression of these yearnings and aspirations, this is in that same class. The anger against Umno in 2007 was the cause then. Today it will be the spurning of the unfulfilled yearnings. This document has that similar significance. This is something that all should realise.

All Hindraf is doing is articulating these yearnings, giving  expression to them and fitting them into the electoral process in ways that will hopefully cause a realisation of these yearnings in time. The document does not belong to Hindraf though it comes through them.

The document is of the Malaysian Indian people. Hindraf is nothing more than the messenger. Hitting at Hindraf amounts to saying that these yearnings and aspirations do not matter. That puts the detractors into an oxymoronic situation. So dear detractors rethink whether it is in your real interest to continue your various diatribes against the document.

The discussion that Hindraf has been having with Pakatan over the last several months which have been bogged down by inordinate delays and a lack of understanding now needs a fresh look. If Pakatan truly and not just as a  matter of rhetoric, cares for the Malaysian Indian electorate they should stop playing around with the issues embodied in the blueprint and start serious contemplation on whether they can support the demands in the document. Come clean is what I am saying – stop the maneuvering.

To do this I suggest that Pakatan calls a Presidential Council meeting with Hindraf before Feb 22,  in order to make some final determinations of the agreement between Pakatan and Hindraf. Time is of essence and If Pakatan is serious about serving the Malaysian Indian electorate well then, this is it.  I put it to the Pakatan Leaders, make it happen, or see another major opportunity elude all of us!

The writer is Hindraf national adviser

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